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Animal Healings Customer Testimonials and Reviews - Family & Home Changes That Affect Pets

Written from the heart, here is a small sampling from our customers that have written in to help you understand how animal communication and Reiki for animals has worked for them and benefitted their pets. They explain how we have helped their whole family in very specific and individualized ways. We are so grateful for all of our customers and their wonderful pet families! You can add your testimonial here...

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Help with Family Changes

Behaviors | Family Home Changes

animal communication solved dog family issues

"They became essentially four totally different dogs"

In the course of a lifetime, there are few times when the word comforted truly impresses the senses and psyche. You may have experienced a sense of deep comfort when, as a small child, your mother drew you into her lap and rocked you as she investigated ways she might ease your disharmony. Or perhaps you felt a sense of comfort when, after a traumatic event, teams of professionals arrived on the scene to help. The dictionary definition for comfort is: a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment; relief.

At a time when my life was disrupted, uncertain, and emotionally charged, I can say that the compassionate, professional way with which Jonquil communicated the situation to my family of four Parson’s Terriers was without a doubt the most comforting experience I have had in a very long time.

Before Jonquil communicated with my Terriers, they were full of anxiety. They expressed this in the form of exaggerated neediness. This added to my daily stress significantly.

After I wrote down what I needed them to understand asking them to think carefully about the options I had described, Jonquil thoughtfully and deliberately delivered my message to everyone. A follow up session was offered so they could think about their choices and form a consensus among them. After the first session, I noticed immediately they were all much calmer but visibly saddened by the news Jonquil had delivered.

In the days that followed, the mom and dad terrier had more resolve and the two pups, even though initially sad and a bit confused, became more at ease showing signs of coming to terms with their choices. They became essentially four totally different dogs. They were much more patient with my absences and there was no more anxious needy behavior from any of them. It was amazing! It was an incredible relief to me, to all of us.

Jonquil was very thorough relaying their responses to me in a timely manner. Knowing this information brought me much needed peace of mind which opened more possibilities about the direction I could take regarding keeping my little family together or finding them another forever home.

The deep level of comfort I experienced sensing and trusting Jonquil’s empathic skills and the kindhearted integrity with which she communicated with our little family as well as her willingness to go the extra mile to give them all time to decide what they wanted created a positive and warm impression which lasts to this day. This experience changed any doubts I had previously had about this newly emerging modality into stalwart belief in Jonquil’s empathic talents and in the field of animal communication overall.

I remain forever grateful to Jonquil for her thoughtful responses, keen guidance, and professionalism as she assisted us in moving forward through our transition with a much greater sense of comfort and ease.

Iris H.- Englewood, FL

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Pet Loss Grief Support | Family Changes

animal communication solves urination problems

"No way he could have known some of things he revealed"

I recently had Thom do a session with my three dogs. My primary concern was if they understood that my wife and their mom had passed away - and how. I was amazed, not only at the depth of responses, but how those responses reflected the personalities of each dog when all Thom had to work with was a photo of each dog. This was also true of the answers to other questions I asked. I was a skeptic before his session with my pups, I am no longer a skeptic. There was no way he could have known some of things he revealed without actually making contact with my dogs

Mark E. Jacksonville, FL

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Family Changes | New Pet Introduction

animal communication solves urination problems

"Eye opening experience"

Being a first time client, I didn't know what to expect. Thom was very kind and walked me through the process, making sure everyone was comfortable. I asked Thom to communicate with our Chihuahua "Chico", and our new Alaskan Malamute puppy that was too young to come home yet.

The session was a very eye opening experience for me, and it deeply affected my way of thinking. When Thom let me know that our puppy's mother had named him "Mika", and had already been preparing him for the separation, I was beyond words. Without Thom sharing his gift, I would have still been in the dark about the depth of love, understanding, and foresight, that animals have. I feel truly blessed to have had this time with them. Thank you Thom for sharing your gift with us, and I look forward to more sessions!

Mary L, Alaska

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Family Changes

"Feel so blessed"

My husband and I feel so blessed to have found Jonquil and her gift. After reading the conversation that she had with our dog Breck we found such peace. It feels so good to know that he is happy, healthy and knows how much he is loved!!! With all the changes going on in our life if was such a relief to be able to communicate our concerns and feeling through Jonquil to him and hear how he was feeling. Thank you Jonquil for your beautiful gift we are so thankful for you!!!!!

Toni, Fort Myers, Fl.

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Lost Pet | Pet Beahvior Problems | PTSD | Pet Loss Grief Support

say goodbye to beloved pets

"...helped us navigate the entire spectrum of issues and concerns a pet owner experiences "

“Thom and Jonquil have helped us navigate the entire spectrum of issues and concerns a pet owner experiences. We've had missing cats, cats with pet behavioral issues, PTSD, terminal illnesses and more. They helped us say goodbye to beloved pets and hello to new ones. Being able to communicate with a rescue pet who has no way of telling you what he's gone through is invaluable.

new pet introductions

And when you have to say goodbye, and your cat says (through Thom), “Please don't be sad, throw a party and celebrate my life”, it makes all the difference in the world. My life would be profoundly different had Thom not communicated Marco's dying wish that we celebrate his life instead of crying.”

Teri McCready, Reno, NV

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