12-year old Sassy lost nearly half her weight, vets tried regular protocol. I called Thom and Jonquil for communication and double Reiki. Sassy regained 1.5 lbs in about a week
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Animal Reiki Benefits All Your Pets

Pet Reiki is Safe and Natural Healing for any Animal

  • Animal Reiki Calms Scared, Fearful Animals
  • Helps Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxtion to Promote Better Healing
  • Great for Ferals, Wildlife, Rescues, Hard to Reach & Handle Animals
  • We are all "Beings of Energy" - Negative & Positive
  • Energy flow blocked = Slows Pet's Internal Healing Systems & Functions
  • Energy healing removes blocks - creates "optimum" self-healing
  • Animal's energy field includes spiritual, emotional, mental & physical


Pets love being heard through animal communicationBy offering our animals companions all of the Benefits of Animal Reiki, we give something back to our pets for all the healing, unconditional love and laughter they give us. Animal Reiki is gentle and can be done hands on or from a distance. Also known as Pet Reiki, it has principles and symbols that automatically set the healing intent as positive, and does not rely on any type of belief system or particular religon to work.

Help Diagnose Difficult Pet Issues

One of the tools in Animal Reiki healing can help find the location and often cause of an illness, which is done by Reiki scanning. Sometimes also called " medical intuitive scanning" through Reiki we can help your pet care professionals with difficult diagnosis and hard to understand symptoms.

Pets Help Heal Us - We Can Return The Healing and Love

Animals are very open to the distance healing energy of Reiki, and many animals/pets give Reiki to their owners on a daily basis. Using Reiki with pets, no matter what types of prescribed drug therapies and any other programs your pet may be on, Reiki can work side-by-side naturally with anything your vet or other pet care p[professionals may be utilizing.

Animal Reiki Helps Pets Own Healing Powers

Through Animal Reiki distance healing, we can actually accelerate your pets own healing processes, ease their pain, reduce stress and improve or help to continue their quality of life. Animals love receiving the warm vibrations of Reiki energy and benefit greatly from it.

Pet Reiki Can Get Scared Little Ones Critical Help

Distance healing helps fearful and scared animals calm down and we can help reduce some to the issues that relate to the fears and anxieties that bring on these fears. Even if you can't get your pet into a carrier we can help with distance healing and is often a great first step towards getting very timid and fearful animal into better care. View our testimonials to see how well this has worked for other pet families all over the USA and the World!


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Convenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your homeConvenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your home or anywhere you need.

Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today!

Hear your pets - heal your pets TM

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