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Today's Featured Lost Pet / Map Dowsing Testimonial

Thoms map dowsing along the way was dead-onThom's mapping along the way was dead-on.  A few hours after getting the map I had a call from someone in that area that had seen him a few days before.  And from what I can gather from animal control the area he was picked-up confirmed he was working his way back to my house
Read more from Nancy E - Chaptico, MD

Get The Most from your Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Session with Animal Healings

Animal Reiki helps reduce stressed petsHere are some important tips to help you and your pet family get the most out of your session.

SESSION CALL:  For your animal communication session we'll call you at the scheduled time (or very close to it) at the number you have listed on your pet information form.

  • If we get disconnected for any reason please keep your line open, we must call you, as we do not allow incoming calls to interrupt your session.
  • Version Phone Users: Please disable your Ringtone/Wait-tone music  before our call as it can interfere with our preparation process before your session.

PETS:  At session time your pets can be doing their regular routines.

  • it's best if pets aren't too distracted, like running through an agility training course or other activities.

PHOTO?  Have you sent a photo of your pets yet? Why is it important? Quite simply - it helps us connect to your pet. We have a help page on our site about attaching photos to emails.


SKYPE USERS:  We do use Skype for calling, if you would like us to call your Skype ID please let us know in advance so we can add your Skype Contact.  

  • Otherwise we’ll call the regular phone number listed on your pet info form.

APPOINTMENT TIME: If you need help understanding our time zone differences, here is a helpful online tool  and we are in the United States Eastern Time Zone

MAKE A LIST: To make best use of everyone's time, you will probably want to prepare a list of questions or comments.

  • Put them in order of priority that you will want us to discuss during your session with your pet(s).

NOTES:  Have supplies handy for taking notes during your session as we don't provide notes for you.

MP3 RECORDING:  We offer an option to add  MP3 recording of your session which you can download to your computer, tablet or mobile player.


REIKI FOR ANIMALS: When you choose a Reiki session it is done offline, which means you won't have to schedule your time to be on the phone during the Reiki Session.

  • We'll follow-up your pet's session with an email detailing how your pet's session progressed.
  • Want to learn more about our Distance Energy Healing Animal Reiki?  We have a great deal of info on our web site here


Pet wellness for your whole pet family using Animal Healings servicesUPDATES & FOLLOW-UPS: We respect your privacy and your session's confidentially is one of our greatest concerns.

  • Since many of our sessions involve pet loss grief support, medical emergencies, lost pets and other family situations, we will not contact you for updates on your pet family. 
  • We do like to hear how things are going with our clients, so do feel free to email us.
  • We may not be able to answer all emails, but we do read everything that reaches us.
  • Behavior sessions, lost pet sessions and many other sessions often require follow-ups. You can book a follow-up to this location:
  • If you need to add a new pet to our files you will need to go to the Pet Information Form
  • You may also leave comments and feedback about our services and customer service via a confidential survey at:  Survey


NEED TO CONTACT US? See our contact page or reply to this email.

  • Because we are usually on the phone conducting sessions, we have to silence our phones.
  • The best way to contact us right away is usually by email, which we check as often as possible and return ASAP.
  • Remember to notify us within 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule your appointment to avoid being charged fees. See all terms

reiki music to relieve stressReiki Music - Ten new original tunes to help you and your pets with effects on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Discover more about Reiki Music. Now available on iTunes & Amazon.

Reiki Music the video sampler - 4:00 mins, view on YouTube

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Some International phone call rates and Skype rates may apply
Payment is expected prior to your scheduled appointment time. You can pay by credit card or check through You may use as a guest user (no account required) and you may use Visa Gift Debit Cards available at all leading retail stores.



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Animal Communication testiominials

"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life."
Read more from Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL


Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time. 
Read more of Julie R, San Antonio, TX


"I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!"
Read more from Alina J. Minneapolis, MN 


"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful."
Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA


"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life."
Read more from Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL


"Sensitivity and respect"
Read More from Karen - Sarasota, FL


"Both Nikki and I were relieved"
Read More from Martha of San Francisco, CA 


"Our vet hands-on exam says Freddie's bladder tumor has shrunk at least 30%"
Read more from JL - Chicago, IL   


"They became essentially four totally different dogs"
Read More of Iris H.- Englewood, FL 


"Thom is quite simply AMAZING! I believe he is a God sent Middleman to assist Animal Owners to communicate with their lost/ill/badly behaved Pets, resulting in many, otherwise impossible happy endings .."
Read More From Catherine l, Hertfordshire, UK


"...we could see progress in Lily’s behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family."
S Phillips - State College, PA


"...calmed my fears and gave me new insights into my cat... best of all, my cat came back exactly how and when Thom said he would"
Read More from Kathrine K., Jersey City, NJ


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Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today! Sessions are available anywhere in the world and your pets never have to leave the comfort of your home!

Animal Communication

Professionally trained animal communication that can let you and your pets express what ever is on your mind, solving behavior issues, helping health, end of life and pet loss grief issues. We even help in locating lost pets.

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Distance healing for numerous issues and just about any cause level, including stress, fear, emotional, spiritual levels.

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We work with any species of animal or pet with convenient animal communication and animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your home or anywhere you need. Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today