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What is Animal Reiki FAQ Answers to Your Questions

Reiki for asthma cat LillyToday's Featured Animal Reiki Testimonial "12-year old Sassy lost nearly half her weight, vets tried regular protocol w/ little improvement, next would be invasive & expensive testing. I called Thom and Jonquil for communication and double Reiki. Sassy regained 1.5 lbs in about a week!” - Phyllis E., Atlanta, GA ( Read how Animal Communication and Reiki Helped Sassy )

Reiki Masters Answer Your Most Asked Questions How Animals are Helped by Energy Healing From a Distance

Animal Reiki Helps illness in pets

  • Animal communication helps find reasons behind behavior issues and helps you understand / negotiate better choices for (and with) your pets
  • Deepen the love & affection you have for your pet and each other
  • Keep pets comfortable through health & illness issues
  • Find lost pets and discover the reason why they left
  • Pet loss grief support for you and your pet family
  • Creates stronger feelings of security - especially for rescued pets

Thom and Jonquil Williams have been Animal Reiki healers for 25+ combined years. The Williams specialize in healing pets and animals of all species with distance energy healing. They are both trained by The International Center for Reiki Training ( ICRT) created by William Lee Rand who has made many trips to Japan to research Reiki and also received Reiki I&II training from Mrs. Yamaguchi, who received her master or shinpiden directly from Dr. Hayashi.

What is Reiki and what is animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki helps pets of all typesREIKI - (pronounced Ray-Key) is a gentle Japanese healing modality has roots in ancient Japanese for stress reduction and relaxation, and it is similar to the laying on of hands healing, but it can also be done as a distance healing too. it's used to promote healing and a sense of well being. Reiki, meaning "universal life force energy", is a system of natural healing that was re-discovered in Japan at the end of the 19th century for modern use. However, similar techniques have been used for thousands of years in many other cultures worldwide recognized by different names.

All of us, humans and animals are beings of energy, our hearts beat in and out, plus and minus, our breaths go in and out, days are light and dark, ions of energy are negative and positive. The fundamentals of all life exist around the basis of the universal energy principles. Energy gives us life and connects us to one and another.

What Does Animal Reiki Do For Energy Blocks?

When an animal's energy flow is blocked, their body's natural internal healing system functions at a slower rate. Energy healing helps animals to possibly remove energetic blocks and maintain good flow throughout their field, thereby facilitating their body to function at its "optimum" self-healing capacity. In essence, energy healing like animal Reiki speeds up their body's innate ability to heal itself.

An animal's energy field expands to include his/her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. All are interrelated and affect one another. Animals are "whole" beings. In this respect, energy healing works to support our beloved animal friends in their healing on many different levels and in many different circumstances.

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Is Reiki Based on Religion?

Reiki and animal Reiki is not a religion based healing and does not require a belief system to work. The only requirement is that the person or animal is willing to accept help. In its simplest form, Reiki and animal Reiki is the use of hands with the positive intent to bring about healing and willing for Reiki energy to flow. A skilled Reiki practitioner can bring healing to a recipient regardless of distance.

Reiki Comes From Other Parts of the World...Will I Understand It?

Although Americans traditionally need to grasp on to something solid and tangible to hold in their hands and visible see, thousands per day discover the healing benefits of Reiki energy as a viable and real tool. Most find energy healing like Reiki, and animal Reiki for their pets, immediately helps them with many ailments on all levels of the body. It helps with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues and relieves stress and stress related ailments. It is even being used in hospitals and hospices in the US..

I Know Energy..But What Really Is Energy Healing Like Animal Reiki?

Energy healingshelps pets of all typesThe philosophy behind energy healing like animal Reiki is that all illness starts in the energetic field in the form of a block or disruption in energy flow and then if left unattended manifests onto the physical body overtime. The longer the block is present the higher the chance the physical body will be affected.

For instance, if a pet is grieving the loss of another animal companion or guardian; the grief will act as a disruption in the flow of energy going through their heart center. If the animal does not process this grief and move past it, the grief begins to form a block which can eventually overtime affect the health of the physical heart. Animal Reiki helps the animal to process and release the grief (the block) so that a healthy energetic flow is maintained throughout that center. This encourages good health and well-being in the animal and prohibits the physical heart from being compromised as a direct result of the grief.

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Animal Reiki Can Work in 2 Ways

Animal Reiki may possibly help the animal to energetically clear an illness or emotional upset at a very early stage when it is still in the form of an energetic block and has not manifested its way into their body....OR...

If a disease is already deeply set in the body, energy work like animal Reiki can help to possibly lighten the symptoms surrounding the illness, such as helping with pain management and/or helping the animal to feel more balanced and comfortable during their illness.

How Can I Use Animal Reiki to Better Help My Pets?

The most proactive approach to our animal's health is to encourage a healthy flowing energetic system for them and thereby in some cases keep energy blocks from forming in the first place.

Animal Reiki when combined with Animal Communication is a very powerful healing tool. Animal Communicators collaborate with Veterinarians, Animal Behaviorists, Animal Trainers, Animal Therapists, Animal Welfare Societies, Rescues, and Shelters to assure the quality of life for your animal companions.

Jonquil was interviewed by Sarasota Dog on how Animal Reiki helps pets - take a listen!

More Questions? Feel free to ask us, we love to talk about healing animals and helping!



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"Our vet hands-on exam says Freddie's bladder tumor has shrunk at least 30%"
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" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. "
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"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life."
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Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time.
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"...we could see progress in Lily’s behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family."
S Phillips - State College, PA

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I am so grateful for Thom and JonquiI's help, their encouragement and their willingness to work along with the vets! I am thrilled to say that Sassy is "on the mend"!
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