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Pet Tips: Animal Communication and Animal Reiki Articles

Animal communication has helped Zeek not jump on anyoneToday's Featured Animal Communication Testimonial "From the moment I first spoke to Thom on the phone, I was comforted. His kindness, his gentleness basically, his heart comes across immediately. I knew if I felt it, so would Cluny. " Read More from Cindy K - Wayne, NJ

Pet Tips From Professional Animal Communicators and Reiki for Animals Master Practitioners of Animal Healings


Pet Seizures – What You Need To Know and Do for Your Pet in a Seizure Emergency

By Author : Thom Williams, Animal Healings

Love Bites - Did That Animal Just Bite Me or Kiss MeOne of the most frightening events in any pet family’s life is when your pet experiences a seizure........Here's a few tips to help you and your pet family through the crisis


Keep Your Pets Safe Through The Holidays

By Author : Thom and Jonquil Williams, Animal Healings

Love Bites - Did That Animal Just Bite Me or Kiss MeWe know that our pets (and many of our client's pets love the holidays. However, there's temptations and dangers all around the house you may have never thought about. A few simple steps can help keep your holidays safe and happy and for everyone........Check our Holiday Decorating Safety Tips for Pets


Love Bites - Did That Animal Just Bite Me or Kiss Me?

By Author : Thom Williams, Professional Animal Communicator

Love Bites - Did That Animal Just Bite Me or Kiss MeMany people don’t get to live or work around pets and animals until they’re adults. Therefore, they don’t get much exposure to how our wonderful furry and feathered friends have learned to communicate with humans in a variety of ways. Over-stimulation, miss-communication, attention seeking behaviors and displaced aggression can be just some of the reasons for a pet who doesn't seem to have control of their love bites........Learn more about pets and love biting and what you can do to help


Two Great Myths About Lost & Missing Pets – Part 1

By Author : Thom Williams, Professional Animal Communicator

Two Great Myths About Lost & Missing Pets – Part 1When you have a missing pet it's very often due to circumstances beyond the pet parent's control. The first step most people take is to enlist the help of family, friends, and neighbors to form a search party to get your furry family member back home safely and quickly. What happens next, according to almost every one of our lost pet clients, is that everyone involved expresses an opinion, often perpetuating two great myths about missing pets. Our years of working with lost pets will help dispel these two myths.......Read more about these two great myths

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Cat Suffering from PTSD Fear of Music Watches Todd Rundgren Web Cast

By Author : Thom Williams, Professional Animal Communicator
Animal communication can help with pets drinking water betterNikki, a Tuxedo house cat, age 16, was adopted from a no-kill shelter many years ago. There were some sketchy details about her past pet parent family, but no one really knew for sure. After Nikki was home with me, every time I played music (any type - on the stereo, on my instruments, softly, it didn’t matter) her eyes would instantly dilate, she would panic, run and hide behind the couch, sometimes for hours. We always knew this was a PTSD related issue that had to do with her previous family. Read How Todd Rundgren Tweeted about Nikki!



Creating the Purr-fect Relationship - How to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

By Guest Author : Monica Leighton, Professional Pet Sitting, Owner
Planning your families vacation is always such a fun and exciting process and at points sometimes challenging. Deciding on pet care during your travels is often the most difficult decision that has to be made. However, more and more pet owners are now deciding to use the services of a professional pet sitter



Solving (Redirecting) Displaced Aggression in Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

By: Thom and Jonquil Williams
Animal communication can help with pets drinking water betterDisplaced aggression in dogs and cats can be caused by numerous sources / situations...Find out what animal communication. Often it occurs when pets cannot take power over an animal or situation that is causing them stress. This can be as simple as another animal walking through their own yard or " territory " while they are kept indoors or within a fenced area. As they are barking, growling, hissing, calling or communicating by other means (such as telepathically) to tell the intruder



Help Ease Pet Stress During Travel or While You’re Away

By: Thom and Jonquil Williams
Do your pets feel anxious when they travel with you? Or anxious when you are leaving them at home or are boarding them? Have you ever wondered if they miss you? Do they misbehave or, even worse, freak out for the pet sitter or kennel?


Water Water Everywhere - What to Give My Pet?

By: Thom Williams
Animal communication can help with pets drinking water betterWith so many choices in water these days, it's really tough to know what's best to give your dog, cat or bird. Our pets are more than family, so we want to give them the best quality of life and the best quality products. However, what really is "the best choice of water" for pets? Sometimes the fanciest high price waters maybe over processed for an animal's palette or senses.



What's the Most Dangerous Item on Your Dinner Table for Pets?

By: Thom Williams
When we think of dangerous toxins to our pets, we immediately think of the standard household cleaners under the sink and bathroom. The fact is that more pets end up in the vet emergency room from many common human foods right off your kitchen table and household plants. The statics of pet toxic emergencies tracked by pet insurance companies are alarming.



"Scientists Proclaim Animal and Human Consciousness the Same"

One of the most significant scientific papers for human-animal k> ever produced and signed at a conference in England on 8/2012. See the list of today's greatest minds who signed this document (including Dr Stephen Hawking) and what it means to all the animals of the world - and us!..



Comparing Pet Products

By: Thom Williams
It can be tough and very expensive to find just the right product to clean up, to help feed and entertain your precious family members. Here's what we have found after many years of testing, experiments and spending our our own money, Tested by our pets - the hard way! Cuddled, played, chewed, barfed on - you name it, these products have been tested by our furry wonders and get all paws up!



Photographic Proof (Scientific Confirmations) for our Animal Communication

By: Thom Williams
Professional animal communicators use what is referred to as "external confirmations" to know they are connecting to the right animals and getting verifiable information. Usually these confirmations come from the pet parent or someone that has a relationship with the animal or works closely with them like a caretaker, a zoo attendant, etc. During a couple of recent displaced aggression animal communicator cases I had three unusual, external scientific confirmations in the form of photographic evidence by the pet parents



Signs of Pet Grief and What to Do to Help

By Thom Williams
When your lose a cherished pet it seems like the whole world is turned upside down and it's hard to function for quite a while. We commonly take care of our human family members and especially watch over our children who have been close to our pets.



How Animal Communicators Help Pets with Cancer & Other Serious Health Issues

By: Thom Williams
How Animal Communicators Help Pets with Cancer & other Serious Health Issues

When we find out a pet has cancer, everyone's immediate reaction is to go to that dark place. Through our animal communication we have talked with many pets with cancer who just needed to be more comfortable during treatment.


Pets Who Lose a Pet Companion - Helping Pets Deal with Grief

By: Thom Williams
Pets who have share the same household and family can become very attached to each other and no matter how long they have been together can have shared many things and developed Dependant relationships. Pets, just like humans, can experience various feelings of grief, loss, pain and go through a mourning period.



Pet First Aid Awareness Month

By: Thom Williams
With the warm months quickly approaching April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Pets are likely to be outside playing with the rest of the family, so the risks of accidents increases. Even if you do keep them indoors the threats of storms, injuries from accidental falls and other medical situations are always a possibility.


Don't Give Up Your Pet - Find Out Why Your Pet Is Really Unhappy

By: Jonquil Williams
Animal communication can help with pets and family members who are grievingIf your pet is urinating inappropriately, being aggressive or not adjusting well to the addition of a new baby, person or pet in your home, you may be thinking of giving them away. Changing a pet’s behavior can be difficult especially when you don’t know the real reasons for the behavior. After you have consulted with your vet to eliminate health-related causes, it may simply come down to emotional reactions driving their behavior. Through animal communication we can talk telepathically with your pet to find out why they are doing the behavior(s) and help you negotiate a change.



Lucky is Lost - or Not?

By: Thom Williams
When you find a stray or wandering pet, always remember a family has probably lost that precious little one and their hearts are breaking. Although  some people may set their pets free instead of taking them to a shelter, there are other numerous reasons why pets become missing/lost. They may have been scared away from their yard, panicked during transit , or even taken by a stranger with the wrong intentions.



Communicating with Your Pets During Stressful Times

By Thom Williams
Communicating (sing Animal Communication) with Your Pets during Stressful TimesMany of us are that lucky enough to open our hearts and homes to animals make wonderful new discoveries about them every day. It brings joy into our lives and it can change an otherwise bad day in a heartbeat. We know they count on us for their daily nutritional support, nurturing, play and enrichment, and we count on them for companionship. Many of us don't seem to realize just how much our animals are attuned to our daily emotional threads, the good, the bad and the not so pretty sides.



Animal Communication Helps Resolve Behavioral Problems in Pets (Updated)

By Thom Williams
Animal communication can help with pets drinking water betterWe humans tend to think of our pets' emotional maturity and intelligence level as being the same as children, but animals actually can be considered our soul peers, with the same wide range of maturity as adult humans. If we lock our pets into a stereotypical behavior model (a dog is just a dog, a cat is just a cat) it can be a great disservice, setting them up for failure in behavioral issues. Everyone recognizes unique personality traits within their pets, especially the way they play and respond to our love.


Animal Communication can help Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors in Pets

By Thom Williams
Animal Communication can help Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors in PetsWe all adore the cute behaviors our pets adopt as they perform for us, chasing dots of light, barking at the fire engine sirens, tearing into the mail from the door mail drop. These aren't tricks that are taught more than behaviors which are performance based, the first time you laugh and find joyfulness, your pet responds and remembers. They love to bring you happiness and heal you through laughter. Perhaps you have one of the many pets that licks your tears when you cry. It's all part of the special healing bond we share with our animals.



Don't Wash Bedding / Keep Kitty Litter during Missing Pet Event

PET TIP: Don't wash your pet's bedding, blankets, towels, anything with fur on it, or dispose of any of the litter box contents during a missing pet event. These articles can become very important for helping your pet find their way out of an unfamiliar location and lead them to you. When you think that dogs and cats have forty times the scent capabilities that human's do, using familiar marked items can be one of the most powerful tools in helping them find their way home. Using animal communication we can tell them to hunt for these items, and kitty litter can be sprinkled as a trail marker right to your door step home.


The Difference Between a Telepathic Conversation and a Psychic Reading

By: Teresa Wagner
Having a Conversation WITH an Animal vs. Doing a Reading ABOUT an Animal.



Animal Communication - What Cat's Have to Say

By Thom Williams
Animal communication can help with pets drinking water betterThom & Jonquil Williams, as animal communicators have a lot of feline pet parents who come to them about cat behavior problems, which they have had lifelong experience in helping cats of large and small families.







Animal Communication Talking Dog Talk

Animal communication can help with pets drinking water betterBy Thom Williams
Through animal communication we have a lot of pet parents who come to us about dog behavior problems, something of which we have had a great deal of experience.




What's Your Pet Thinking - Use Animal Communication to Find Out

Through animal communication we can translate for you, acting as the conduit for this expression of unconditional joy and love between everyone in your family and for all of your pets. Of course all of us want to tell our beloved companions just how much we love and appreciate them by our side every day. By telling them through animal communication it results in an even deeper relationship with your pet family as the pets and your family bond closer in this true expression of love through mind, heart and soul during your first animal communication session, and each and every session thereafter.



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Animal Communication testiominals

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Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time.
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