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Animal Communicator Helps Solve Difficult Pet Behavior Problems

Animal Communicator Benefits - Fix Pet Behavior Problems

You know there has to be a reason or motivation behind your pet's actions or behavior, if you could only ask what it is and better understand from their point of view, what is happening around them when they act up - right? That's exactly when a professionally trained animal communicator comes in to help your pet family.

We solve pet behavior problems photoWhen we assist you with your pets' behavior problems, we help you see from your pet's point of view to better understand what is happening with them. Our lifetime of pet and animal experiences, years of client support, combined with our compassion and love, helps the whole pet family deal with the situation better.

At Animal Healings with our animal communicator tools, we support your whole family through the process of getting through any dog, cat, bird, or other type of pet behavior problems that might be happening. Whether it's a simple jumping up on people at the door dog problem, or a big multi-cat family household that has urinating, meowing, fighting and other layers of behavioral issues. We have helped them all just by asking and understanding the pet's perspective, then explaining the human's point of view. We love all animals and that love comes through in every session.

Yes - even when things have spiraled so fast out of control it seems hopeless - give us a try. Just knowing why these behaviors are happening can relieve so much pressure from your whole situation. We've heard it from so many cat, dog, bird, horse and all types of other pet families all over the USA that we have helped. Very often our customers can explain how our animal communicator has helped their pet families through pet behavior problems better than we can explain it!


Our Animal Communicator Can Help Your Pet Family...

  • Help solve your pet behavior problems through our animal communicator by finding out what they are experiencing

  • Pets may not be aware or have an understanding their actions are perceived as wrong, harmful or negative

  • We use a needs & offer negotiation style approach to bargain with them
  • No one feels coerced - pets have their voices heard (and love it)
  • As animal communicators we offer pets better choices
  • It's much better than just telling them "no."

  • We can often find alternatives which meets everyone's needs

  • Find ways to redirect their energy or tactics into a "job" they'll love

  • Complements any other training methods you're already using

Pet behavior problems and issues solved...

It can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with in the pet world. So many people seem to have an opinion, there's a million web sites, and a thousand different ways to deal with the same issue. Why not ask simply your pet through an animal communicator what is happening and why? Pet behavior problems, why and what they are experiencing during the difficulty from their perspective can be the one thing that really solves the puzzle. It really can be that simple. We have been able to help so many clients (even our own family's pets) with issues once we have talked directly with the pet and understood their point of view. Everyone relaxes and finds a new approach and understanding. Read our customers' testimonials to see how it works for them!

The Pet's Perspectives

We solve pet behavior problems by understanding perspectiveYour pet's view of our very big human world can often be very different than what you ever imagined. Once you have heard (through an animal communicator) what the world is like for your pet and how they see, feel, hear and sense things in their environment, you'll have a better understanding of what might be causing them to react to certain problems. Barking, biting, going to the bathroom in inappropriate locations, even OCD behaviors can often be corrected in a gentle, understanding, needs and offer negotiation approach. Our calm, healing energy and hearing the animal's perspective helps you both find and agree to new solutions. We use this negation style approach, which has been very successful with many of clients. (Read our testimonials)

Keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to pet behavior problems can also prevent health issues from developing. When pets become so stressed they internalizing issues, the energy they bottle up inside can develop into serious health conditions and illnesses. At Animal Healings we also utilize Reiki healing for animals to help in these circumstances, and also to prevent this occurrence.

We help with pet's displaced aggression issues, both in identifying where the source may be coming from and how to counter act the aggression. Read our article about pet's displaced aggression.

As pet communicators we have also seen in many cases where unattended behavior problems within pet families can lead to runaway and lost pet cases who feel they have to make a grand statement because they have become so unhappy or that some type of change needs to happen at home.


Schedule Your AnimalCommunication Session

Convenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your homeConvenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your home or anywhere you need.

Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today!


Benefits of Animal Communicator topics:

  • Animal Communicator Helps with Pet Behavior Problems - find out what's happening from your pet's point of view, negotiate better choices with them.

  • Help with Health Issues - We can ask how your pet feels, where it hurts and explain why your pet is receiving treatments. what to expect at the vet and other care givers and ask what makes them most comfortable!
  • Pets with PTSD & Trauma - We can help you discover the root of PTSD which can cause of behavior and even heath issues, helping pets through this is very important!
  • Find Lost & Missing Pets - the ancient art of map dowsing, modern mapping tools and animal communicator help you locate any type of missing pet
  • Terminal Illness, End-of-life care - we help you and your pet through the difficult times, guiding you to keeping your pet comfortable, with the right care for them care
  • Pet Loss Grief Support - We help you and your pet family find peace in your heart and mind

  • Reincarnation - You'd like to know if your pet plans to come back to your home again? Yes, it does happen.

  • Explain Household and Family Changes - When major changes in your home and family can affect your pet, we talk to them to help head off behavior issues.

  • New Family Pet Introductions - let everyone in your pet family know about the new arrival, find and answer needs.

  • General Check-in's - You want to know how your pet is doing and what can make them the happiest.

  • Pet's Dietary & Nutrition - You have a picky eater, or want to find what treats your pet want. Help with odd food habits and avoiding harmful objects.
  • You want your Pet's Perspective - They stare at you and have something to say. What makes them so frightened, so happy, sad, do they laugh? We can help you find out!
  • Find More Daily Enrichment - Help keeping your pets active, especially in senior years. Find out from them what really gets them going!

  • Animal Communicator Benefits Main Page - Learn how animal communicator can benefit your whole pet family through their whole life.


*Note: animal communicator is not a replacement for veterinary medicine or qualified training programs; however, it can complement and enhance care.



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