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Animal Communicator FAQ - answers to most asked dog, cat, horse & bird related questions about animal communication

In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that our clients have about pets and animal communication services. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to contact us.

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Q - What is an Animal Communicator (Intraspecies Telepathic Communicator) and how might they help our pet family?

An animal communicator uses animal telepathy ( Intraspecies telepathic communication), the ability to telepathically connect with another species through a series of thoughts with two-way communication. It is often accomplished not only with words but also with images, feelings, impressions, thoughts and emotions.

Animal communicator uses telepathy to help solve behavior issues When you see two animals meet eye to eye for the first time, pause for a moment -maybe longer, sometimes sniff each other up and down, there is a much deeper conversation going on between them. Every animal communicates this way on a telepathic level.

Animal Communication uses this special "animal talk" channel (animal telepathy) an ability we humans are all born with to make an animal connection to our animal friends and hold an actual two-way conversation with them.

Some of us retain this gift as we grow up, others are able to regain it through classes and special training exercises. ( Animal Healings will be offering animal communicator workshops soon, sign up for our mailing list)

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Q - What is a Professional Animal Communicator?

Animal Healings are professionally trained animal communicators and follow strict ethical guidelines and standards of our profession.

Jonquil uses a client-centered, empathetic appoach to have an interactive two-way conversation with your pets, and acts as animal translator, facilitator, and a negotiator. Jonquil works with the pet and the pet parents to find solutions to just about any pet situation. We all brainstorm together to find ideas based on an understanding of the family's needs.

Your pets' needs will also be met so they feel honored, respected and valued as a partner in this interactive conversation. When dealing with difficult subjects, such as pet behavior issues, it's important that the pet never feels backed into a corner or pressured.

Allowing pets to have a voice in behavior and other situations is especially helpful when dealing with pet issues, like helping to locate lost pets.

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Q - How is a professional animal communicator session different from a psychic reading?

Psychic readings are a one-way energy reading of your pet.

Professional animal communicators hold a two-way conversations with your pet, plus involve the pet parent interactively in the conversation.

Jonquil Williams of Animal Healings is trained in the ethics and standards of our industry that protect you and your pet's confidentiality. We've also been trained to provide a client-centered, empathetic approach that incorporates a needs and offer style negation style session for your pet's behavioral needs, end of life issues, health, diet, pet loss grief support, lost pets and just about any pet situation you may encounter . See how we can help provide care throughout the life of your pet.

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Q - What kind of animals do you communicate with?

Any species, any breed of dog, cat, bird, horse , even wildlife can benefit from our professional animal communicator and animal Reiki services.. All animals are wise, intelligent, feeling and thinking beings.

"Scientists Proclaim Animal and Human Consciousness the Same".

The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness was signed by the world's top neuroscientists at a conference at the University of Camridge, where Dr. Stephen Hawking was the guest of honor. The signed declaration simply means every animal is a thinking, feeling, creative individual - our soul peer. Something animal communicators discovered years ago. Science now backs animal thinking and behavior!

We have worked with all types / breeds of domestic pets, animals wildlife including; service companion animals, dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, birds including parrots, macaws, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiel, doves and more. Riding, race and wild horses, farm animals like chickens, hogs, alpacas, cows and more. Chimps, monkeys, orangutans, bears, wolf, elephants, tigers, leopards, panthers, dolphins, deer, rabbits, frogs, fish, lizards, guinea pig, ducks, pet rats and mice, and many others.

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Q - Why would a pet parent like me communicate with my animal companion?

Animaol communication helps your whole pet familyYou'll really be amazed after your first animal communication session. Your relationship and love will grow even deeper than it has before and you'll probably discover things you never knew about your best friend.

If there are health problems, as Reiki energy healing practitioners and animal communicators we can certainly find out ways to help your entire pet family feel more comforted.

Here are a few other ways pet parents use an animal communicator to help deepen their relationship with their pet family:

  • General check-in: Sometimes you just want to know how your animal companion is doing. Has the animal adjusted to a recent change; want different food; getting enough exercise? How are they feeling physically and emotionally? Use a general check-in for animal questions
  • Behavior issues: Problems can often be resolved once you know why the animal is behaving in a particular way. Examples include barking, chewing, aggressive behavior or litter box issues. Hearing your perspective can help us all find a solution together. See more about Behavioral issues help for your pet
  • Family or household changes: Let your pets know in advance when there are changes about to occur changes such as; moving, bringing a new person into the home, someone is leaving, you are going on vacation or your daily schedule is changing. Read more about family changes.
  • Seek your pet's perspective: Many people ask their pet how they will feel about something in advance. Understanding how your pet see's the human world can make a huge difference in how you can help them in all aspects of their life with you. See more about a pet's perspective.
  • Death and Dying: It is difficult to make a decision about your animal companion's end of life without knowing what they may have in mind. You can ask: Do you want help in passing? How can we make you more comfortable? Afterlife communication is possible and helps with your loss through our Pet Loss Grief Support.
  • Lost animals: Using a variety of professional animal communicator skills we can help locate lost pets and help solve any behavior issues that may have led to them leaving in the first place. We also work in keeping the pet parents calm during this very stressful time. See our lost pet page for more info.
  • We can also use our Animal Reiki skills to help pets with healing needs.

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Q - What kind of pet behavior problems can you address with animal communication?

Animal Healings are animal communication global behavior specialist. When dealing with pet behavior issues the most important aspect is understanding your animals point of view. Their view of our human world can often be very different than what we ever imagined.

Gaining their trust, then understanding why a behavior issue has developed from their point of view is is beginning to solving any pet behavioral problem. So many times it has just been a simple misunderstanding between the pet world and the human world.

A simple communication session can go a long way in helping a dog, cat, horse, bird or any species with a problem. Understanding is the beginning, learn more how we work with

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Q - What is the process for an animal communication session?

At Animal Healings our animal communication sessions are very easy to sign up online and are interactive phone sessions between the animal communicator, the pet parent and the pets. Learn more about the communication process.

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Other common animal communicator questions

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Telepathic communication doesn't require any spoken words and it's the foundation in which all animals communicate with each other. It is also how they have always attempted to communicate with us. The ability to send and receive thoughts, images, feelings to one another isn't a new form of communication for people either. It's the oldest form of communication. Many studies prove people frequently communicate telepathically with each other without realizing it. You may re-learn it through practice, experimentation and animal communicator workshops. It's simply a matter of relaxing the mind and "tuning in." Read more about telepathic communication...

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Yes. Being with your animal in the same room or in your home when communicating with an animal doesn't matter at all. We have clients all over the world. When an animal communicator telepathically connects with a animal, it happens from one mind to the other. Near distance or being far away has no bearing on the effectiveness or outcome of our session with your pet, which you will see by our testimonials from over the world. Read more about animal distance healing...

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As communication behavior specialist, we have been very successful (as our testimonials will show) and we use a needs and offer / negation style approach that never puts any animal in the hot seat or backs them into a corner. No one is humiliated, feels less about themselves and by honoring your pet and building their self-esteem, just like human relationships, we can find many successful outcomes. However, there are certainly no guarantees when it comes to working with pets & animals because they all have free will and there is no magic pill.

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Many pets with different types of behavioral problems that can be triggered by known causes and by unknown reasons. We can do all types of healing work to help pets with emotional scars, even for rescued pets where you aren't aware of their background, history, previous family life or other circumstances. We have helped many pet families cross a healing bridge to a happy and healthy life, literally turning a new chapter in their relationship where they all feel happier and closer. We can also use our Reiki for animals skills to help pets with deeper healing needs.

NEW Article: Cat Suffering from PTSD Fear of Music Helped by Animal Communication & Todd Rundgren

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Animal communicators can help you gain insight with sick and injured pets of all types. At Animal Healings we also utilize Reiki energy healing, so we have a lot of tools in our kit to help all our best friends when they need it the most. Using animal communication we first start by finding out where and how they are feeling or where they hurt. If it's an injury (or an accident) we can help find out how, where, and sometimes why they got injured. Then we move on to their needs for healing. We have worked side-by-side with many top veterinarians, holistic vets, acupuncturist and other animal care professionals across the country to provide information directly from the pet that helped in their health care. When it's a situation that is difficult to diagnose, we have a number of resources and tools, including intuitive Reiki scanning that can be an incredible valuable diagnostic assistance for your health care providers. We can also use Animal Reiki to help pets with healing needs.

Animal cancer, diabetes and other long term illnesses; we can help find out what treatments the animal feels is helping them and what things they need to feel more comfortable during treatment and while resting at home. The information your pet can relay in an animal communication session can be shared with your veterinarian, which our clients have told us has been helpful in managing these difficult conditions. Sometimes just a simple change in their environment or feeding can make a world of difference. Pets love being heard, especially during these times.

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If they are willing, which is usually the case. Often they can tell us where the pain is, how it feels, how frequently it hurts, and if it's a sharp pain, dull pain, etc, just like you tell your doctor. We can also use Reiki scanning to help find energy imbalances, which can indicate issues.

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People often come to us when they explored all other options. We can ask the pet from their perspective what they are experiencing and what the issue may be like for them. Whether it's a behavior problem or a health problem, we can work side-by-side with your health care providers. We also can use intuitive Reiki scanning to uncover energy imbalances, and you can share the information with your veterinarian. Our clients have said that is has provided invaluable information in assisting their veterinarian's diagnosis.

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A professional animal communicator can help with end-of-life pet care by finding out what makes your pet feel more comfortable, and which vet and other treatments and services you are getting them that they feel are working better. Through your animal communicator session we can find out what types of food, treats and other things they are needing and wanting during the stage of their life. We also can help with knowing when they are ready to cross, so you can rest easier in your mind.

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As long as the pet wishes to be contacted, we can help with this. See our detailed page about lost pet service about how we do map dowsing, animal communication and more. You can also find out how you can help by doing the Golden Cord. We also have many other free tips and Lost Dog and Cat Poster Templates.

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We sure do! We have had many clients with special needs companion animals that have wanted to communicate with their trained partners for various reasons. Whether its to extend their training, help in a behavior situation, explain changes in the home, changes in medical needs, express your gratitude, whatever you may desire we can do for you. Due to our training and our past experiences with special needs friends and family, we understand how your animal has been trained and matched to you, and we can help in what ever ways you want and need us to join in your conversation with your companion.

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We do communicate with pets that have crossed over and it can be one of the most healing experiences for a pet parent that is going through the grieving process. See our page about the grieving process for more detailed information on how we can help you and your whole family, including any pets that may be experiencing grief from the loss of a pet.

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Questions asked often include: How do you feel? Do you like your food? How were you injured? What were you experiencing when this happened to you? Where does it hurt? Do you like your bedding/ kennel or stables? Animals can even be asked if they are ready to cross over (euthanasia) and if they would like to return to their pet parent/family?

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Telepathic communication is a long distance energetic connection; so physical distance to your pet makes no difference. Being closer doesn't mean it is stronger or any better quality of a session. In fact most pets will be disturbed by having a new person or stranger in the home and we find its best to have them in their normal, natural state, doing whatever they like doing best as we conduct our sessions. Learn more about animal telepathy here...

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No. Pets are trusted, loyal companions. We only ask what you wish us to ask. Because we are professionally trained animal communicators we abide by a strict code of ethics that protects both you and your pet. Our ethics for animal communication and a separate code of ethics for Animal Reiki are posted on our web site at all times.

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No. We communicate from our office while you and your pets are in the comfort of your home. How is this possible? See the question above: How is it possible to conduct a consultation over the phone?

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Every animal has free will and has a choice to talk to us or not. In our professional training, we have learned to use a client-centered, empathetic approach that helps pets open up to us despite the potential barriers that can exist from issues they've experienced previously, such as trauma, abuse, abandonment, and other conditions. Although it's popssoble that an animal may not want to talk to a human at all, so far in our practice we have been able to talk to every animal that has been presented to us so far. Using love, respect, empathy and all the tools in our toolkit has allowed us to build trust with every animal, and we feel honored by their trust and that of their pet parents.

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Animal Healings will be offering animal communication and animal Reiki workshops very soon, contact us to sign up for our email list so you are among the first to find out when they are available!

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Do you have an Animal Communication question that we didn't answer here?

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An Animal Communicator receives a two conversation with your pet in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, words and feelings from any species of animal life. Questions asked often include: How do you feel? Do you like your food? How were you injured? What were you experiencing when this happened to you? Where does it hurt? Do you like your bedding/ kennel or stables? Animals can even be asked if they are ready to cross over (euthanasia) and if they would like to return to their pet parent/family?

We as professionally trained animal communicators, in a client-based needs and offer negotiation process, gently relay information and messages between the pet parent and the animal companion. In this interactive two-way conversation the communicator can be a translator, facilitator, and a negotiator, as we all we all brainstorm solutions and ideas together based on an understanding of the pet family's needs. This includes your pets' needs so they feel honored, respected and valued as a partner in this interactive conversation. When dealing with difficult subjects, such as behavior issues, it's important that the pet never feels backed into a corner or pressured. Our training also includes standards practices knows as ethics which we take very seriously. This is especially helpful in situations like helping with changes in the household, introducing new pets, travel, and helping to locate lost pets.

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When you hire an animal communicator professional you may wonder what the difference is between the pet psychic and a session with someone who does animal communication. Pet psychics do a one way energy reading of your pet, where a professional animal communicator holds a two conversation with your pet. While both may be called an animal psychic and are involved in animal talk, professional animal communicators will more likely be trained in ethics, standards. Many of them have training and experience in helping pet families with pet behavior modification, especially behavior problems in cats and behavior problems in dogs. Cat behavior medication can help cats with issues from crying, clawing, fearfulness, peeing outside of the litter box and much more. Behavior problems in cats have to start with knowing and understanding the motivations or reasons behind the behavior issues. behavior problems dog can be very similar, although the communicator much approach things from the dog's perspective, much like a dog whisperer, we actually hear your dog or cat's thoughts.. All pets are unique individuals with creative, intelligent thoughts.

No matter which species...

Any type of pet, wild or domesticate, we as a pet communicator can communicate with an animal spirit and ask any questions or let them know anything you wish to say. As intuitive communication experts, we follow the ethics and guidelines closely with an aim to help you with your overall pet wellness and holistic healing plan. .With pet communication we can provide all types of health, happiness and other answers you have always wondered about your pet. We can tell you more about your pet's past, and your pet's personality. So while others will be sitting around thinking " what is my pet saying?" - you'll know it's thanks to Animal Healings

More about Animal Communication

Although an animal communicator can be thought of as an animal psychic, there is a difference in how they obtain information and actually talk to the animal. A Pet Psychic for instance conducts a one way energy readying of your pet. An animal communicator holds a two-way interactive conversation. Often it's to help pet parents with behavior problems cat, behavior problems dog or bird behavior issues. The animal communicator can offer an interactive, nurturing session, finding solutions that help the whole pet family while understanding the pet's perspective of our big human world.

Behavior modification

When we do a cat behavior modification, for example, we connect with the cat and first find out what their motivation or reasons are behind the behavior. Cats who pee outside the box all have different reasons, no two cases have ever really been the same. So it stands to reason no two solutions are ever exactly the same. We relay to you what your cat's needs are, or what is happening when things go wrong so you can help address them and help them get over the hump and back in the box!

Cat's and litter boxes are just one example of behavior help for pets. Dogs work very similar. Once we communicate with your pet or animal companion, we can find better options or choices for them to make to improve life for everyone in your family

Does this really work? Just read a few of our customer testimonials - some from professional trainers dog and cat trainers in the industry!

Dog behavior modification is very similar, it's just a matter of communicating with your dog like a dog whisper, understanding their needs, and negotiate changes. We can help any pet with holistic healing and overall pet wellness.

Through animal communication ( intersperses communication ) we hear, see and feel what your pet experiences, so when we communicate with your cat, or talk with your bird, or speak to your dog, we relay real thoughts and emotions back and forth for complete pet wellness. Intuitive communication can have many different facets of healing.

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It was the first time the steroid really wasn’t enough. Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time. I have an incredible resource in Thom to turn to anytime Lilly’s asthma gets worse. Read more of Julie R, San Antonio, TX Animal Reiki Testimonial

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"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful." Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA lost pet home testimonial

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Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.

- Alfred A. Montapert

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