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Rates for Animal Communication Sessions @ Animal Healings


Pets love being heard through animal CommunicatorWe're available for comprehensive animal communication services anywhere in the USA or the world.


Animal Communication Session Rates

* New Rates and Options Effective as of Sept 3, 2013

PLEASE NOTE: all Lost & Missing Pet cases must choose a minimum one hour first session, please see why here
    15 min. Phone or *Email Sessions - 1 pet........ = $25.00
    30 min. Phone or *Email Sessions - Up to 2 Pets = $50.00
    45 min. Phone or *Email Sessions - Up to 3 Pets = $75.00
    60 min. Phone or *Email Sessions - Up to 4 pets = $100.00
    90 min. Phone or (not available for Email) - Up to 6 pets = $150.00

* See special info regarding email sessions

Lost Pet Services (see details about lost pet info)

1 Lost Pet - 60 min. Phone (no email available) = $100.00
2 Lost Pets - 120 min. Phone (no email available) = $200.00
3 Lost Pets - 180 min. Phone (no email available) = $300.00

Please note: if any addtional sessions may be required you may go to 15 minute, 1/2 hour or our other usual rate sessions for animal communication listed above. We also reccomend becoming familar with our Animal Reiki services


NEW - PayPal now offers 6 Months Payments/Financing - Sign up is all online and only takes a few minutes!


Optional MP3 Recordings of your Phone Sessions

(MP3 audio file is downloadable and yours to keep on your computer or IPod, IPad or Android) Recording must be requested & prepaid before communication session begins. Technical difficulties can occur during the recording and processing of the file, so we do advise to keep some notes during your session as back up.

    MP3 Recording of an AC Session 15 - 30 minutes - MP3 Recording $15.00 USD
    MP3 Recording of an AC Session 45 - 60 minutes - MP3 Recording $25.00 USD
     MP3 Recording of an AC Session 60+ minutes - MP3 Recording $35.00 USD



Schedule Your AnimalCommunication Session

Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today!


View our rates for Animal Reiki



Pet wellness for your whole pet family using Animal Healings servicesSome International phone call rates and Skype rates may apply.
Payment is expected prior to your scheduled appointment time. You can pay by credit card or check through You may use as a guest user (no account required) and you may use Visa Gift Debit Cards available at all leading retail stores.

* Please be sure your payment is sent and posted so that it reaches our office no later than the day before your scheduled session. If we do not receive your payment by that time, we will contact you to reschedule your session for the next earliest and most convenient available appointment. See our full terms.


Lost Pet Session Info

Lost pet sessions usually require a full hour session at a minimum to first contact your pet to see if they are still with us, then to gather details, possibly perform a map dowsing for an approximate location and perform your communication session. See complete information on our lost pet sessions. Multiple lost pet siutations can be very complex and can be for totally different reasons and therefore require seperate charges.



Hear your pets - heal your pets TM

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