Animal Communication Benefits Pets Behaviors, Health, Grief & More!

Animal communication helps identify & fix behavior problems, health issues, pet wellness, pet loss grief support and more...

A Much Deeper Expression of Love and Understanding

Animal Communicator Thom WilliamsAnimal communication can deepen the connection and relationships with your pets by simply being able to state your love in an even more special way that you ever have before. But that's just the beginning of the incredible experience that awaits you as you finally get to talk with your pet for the first time.

We all long to know what our best friend and companion is a thinking and feeling. What's behind all those emotions you see in their eyes? We're all curious to know what drives their various unique pet behaviors, and how to improve our pets' quality of life. Animal communication is the key.

As professional animal communicators we can translate for you, acting as the conduit for the expression of unconditional joy and love for your pet family. Of course all of us want to tell our beloved pet companions just how much we love and appreciate them being by our side every day.

Is animal consciousness the same as humans? Yes, according to the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness signed at a conference at the University of Cambridge, where Dr. Stephen Hawking was the guest of honor.

By telling them through animal communication it results in an even deeper relationship with your pet family as the pets and everyone in your human family bond closer in this true expression of love through mind, heart and soul during your first animal communication session, and each and every session thereafter.

Telepathic Two-way Conversations with all of Your Pets

Animal Communicator Thom helps you understand your pet's perspectiveProfessional animal communication sessions work on a telepathic level. As we communicate with your animals we can help resolve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues, and deepen your relationships with them through this real two way conversation.

As a client of Animal Healings you'll gain a better understanding of your animal companions during your animal communication session and the way they perceive the big world around them. You'll get a real perspective of the way they view our human world, which will help you help them deal with things that may be bothering them or perhaps even scaring them at times. This can often lead to pet behavior problems or even health issues.

Trained animal communication "professionals" follow standards and practice a strict code of ethics as they protect a client's confidentially. This helps build the trust between the animal they communicate with and the pet parents.

Discover how animal communication can help your pet family with:

Pet Behavior Problems

- Find out what's happening from your pet's point of view, and why pet behavior problems may have developed all of a sudden. Animal Healings uses a process to help negotiate better choices with your pets. No one feels backed into a corner by being told they are bad or wrong all the time. You'll be amazed at the progress that can be made once everyone understands each other's point of view. (Read our Pet Behavior Testimonials for stories on how we have helped so many people and pets that didn't think it was possible before trying out Animal Healings!)

Help with Health Issues

- We can ask how your pet feels, where it hurts and explain why your pet is receiving treatments. what to expect at the vet and other care givers and ask what makes them most comfortable or is working the best. We find out what senior pet health care needs may be and/or help through any serious Illness and their wishes for care.. Treats, beds, walks, ramps, and other helpful devices can all be discussed in our interactive talks.

Find Lost & Missing Pets

- With the use of the ancient art of map dowsing, modern mapping tools and animal communication we can help you locate any type of missing animal or family pet. By understanding the reasons why your pet has left home we can often help resolve issues and help them return and stay home, sometimes happier than before.

Explain Household and Family Changes

- When major changes occur in your home and family can affect your pet, we talk to them to help head off behavior issues, sometimes preventing a runaway pet. New Family Pet Introductions allows everyone in your pet family know about the new arrival, find and answer all your pet family's needs before problems occur.

Find Better Daily Enrichment and Fun

- Help keeping your pets active, engaged and entertained is always a challenge, especially in senior year pets. Find out from them what really gets them going. Some pets may even be their own little inventors!

Terminal Illness and / or End-of-life care

-We help you and your pet through the difficult times, guiding you to keeping your pet comfortable, with the right care for them care for all involved. Also see our Animal Reiki for helping pets during illness and aging.

Pet Loss Grief Support

- We help you and your pet family find peace in your heart and mind with afterlife sessions. It can be one of the most healing sessions for the whole family. We also can check on Pet's Reincarnation - when you'd like to know if your pet plans to come back to your home again or have they been with you before? Yes, it does happen.

General Check-in's

-You want to know how your pet is doing and what can make them the happiest. You want your Pet's Perspective - They stare at you and have something to say. What makes them so frightened, happy, sad, do they laugh? We can help you find out the answers to all of your questions for them!

Pet's Dietary & Nutrition

- You have a picky eater, or want to find what treats your pet may want. Help with odd food habits and avoiding harmful objects and substances. Simple things may solve your pet's diet and eating issues just by asking them.

Pets with PTSD & Trauma

-We can help you discover the root of their PTSD and trauma can cause of odd pet behavior problems and even heath issues, helping pets through this is very important!

Check out our Animal Communication FAQ's to find out how it really works, and make sure you read our testimonials from our customers who explain how it's helped them.

Schedule Your Animal Communication / Reiki Session

We work with any species of animal or pet with convenient animal communication by phone and distance Animal Reiki sessions, no matter where you are located. Your animal family gets to stay in the comfort of their home.


" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. " Read More from Cindy K, Wayne, NJ animal communication testimonial

"We were astounded - and I know it was with the help of the Golden Cord and Thom's communication with him. " Read More of Kathy W. Sebastian, FL lost pet & golden cord testimonial

"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful." Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA lost pet home testimonial

"No way he could have known some of things he revealed" Read More from Mark E., Jacksonville, FL animal communicator testimonial

It was the first time the steroid really wasn’t enough. Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time. I have an incredible resource in Thom to turn to anytime Lilly’s asthma gets worse. Read more of Julie R, San Antonio, TX Animal Reiki testimonial

"I cannot thank Thom enough. He helped me understand what was happening to Sanna. She was very sick and was readying herself...." Read all of Alane L, Streamwood, IL end of life animal communication testimonial

We have had problems with Zeek jumping on us and visitors whenever we would walk through the front door. Now, Zeek has not jumped on anyone! I still can't believe it Read More about Teresa, Ft. Myers, Florida experience with Animal Communication

12-year old Sassy lost nearly half her weight, vets tried regular protocol w/ little improvement. I called Thom and Jonquil for communication and double Reiki. Sassy regained 1.5 lbs in about a week! Read how Phyllis E., Atlanta, GA Animal Communication and Reiki helped Sassy

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