Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Practitioners Help Pet's Wellness

Animal communicator & animal Reiki helps pets with behavior, illness, health, end of life and pet loss grief supportanimal communicator helps pets reolve behavior problems


  • Professional animal communication, ask animal questions, solve pet behavior problems, explain family changes
  • Animal Reiki Master practitioners help provide energy healing, find energy blocks, provide long distance healing, medical intuitive, stress help for pets anywhere in the USA / World
  • Animal energy healers & animal communicators help pet behavior issues, introducing new pets, pet loss grief, find lost pet, natural pet healing and pet's wellness

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Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki healers, Thom Williams & Jonquil Williams provide compassionate, insightful comprehensive services for you and your pet family to help create a deeper relationship with the animals in your life. Through communication with animals you'll gain a deeper understanding animals and your pet's background, health and well being, along with their needs and wishes.

With animal Reiki long distance healing we use our 30+ years expreince to help your pets by discovering & resolving energy blocks that may create pet behavior probelms, health issues, illnesses, provide relaxation, stress relief and much more.

Scheduling an animal communication or an animal Reiki distance energy healing session for your pet family is very easy, safe, secure and all done online. Sessions are available anywhere in the world, your pet never leaves the comfort of your home!

Professional Animal Communicator Benefits Your Pet's Wellness

Communicate with your animals to find out what they think, feel, and need; your pets love to be heard! As true animal lovers Thom & Jonquil Williams hear your pets' needs by using a client-centered approach and help you find solutions that are right for your pet family. Professionally trained animal communicators the Williams can help resolve behavior issues, help with family changes and introducing new pet.

They also assist compassionately and respectfully with end-of-life issues, pet loss grief support and afterlife communication, helping you and your whole family find that place of peace and comfort during the most difficult times.

See the many other ways Animal Healings animal communication services benefit your dog, cat, bird, horse or any other large or small animals you may have at home, on the farm or at your zoo or sanctuary.


Reiki Masters Specializing in Animal Reiki Long Distance Healing

As animal energy healers the Williams use long distance healing animal Reiki to help ease stressed, nervous and injured animals anywhere in the world. Any species of pet or animal can benefit with animal Reiki and it has been proven to relieve stress and pain, creating a healing environment in an animal's body so they can help heal themselves. Our clients have discovered animal Reiki useful to promote healing, removing energy blocks for many types of illness, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients, behavioral issues, easing emotional problems, and eating disorders. Animals are very accepting of animal Reiki and recognize distance healing energy as being an accessible self-healing tool.

Our medical intuitive scanning (included in every animal Reiki session) utilizes Reiki to help find energy blocks that can reveal undiagnosed or hard to solve internal & external pet health issues.

Reiki Music video sampler - 4:00 mins, view on YouTube

Animal Healings Testimonial Excerpts

"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life." Read Animal Reiki testimonial Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL

animal communicator helps any type of behavior issue

"We were astounded - and I know it was with the help of the Golden Cord and Thom's communication with him. " Read lost pet returns & golden cord testimonial Kathy W. Sebastian, FL

animal communicator helps pet loss grief support

" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. " Read pet behavior problem solved animal communication testimonial Cindy K - Wayne, NJ

animal communicator solves difficult behavior

It was the first time the steroid really wasn’t enough. Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time... Read Animal Reiki testimonial Julie R, San Antonio, TX

animal reiki helps stressed pets relax

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