On Sabbatical

Jonquil and dog client

Welcome to Animal Healings. I am currently on sabbatical during 2022, but don't worry, I'll be back. My trusted colleague, Teresa Wagner, is filling in for me while I'm out. You can sign up for an animal communication session on her website at AnimalsInOurHearts.com

My hope is that you find what you and your animal family need here. Whether you arrived here with a sense of frustration, grief, confusion, or a sense of joy, curiosity and desire to enhance your animals lives, you're here because you love them and want their lives to be as wonderful as possible.

Animal companions give us so much love and acceptance. They help us create a sense of sanctuary in our homes, minds, and hearts, and we naturally want to pour our love, understanding, and gratitude on them. And because animals are on their own journey too, often experiencing so much before they arrive in our loving homes, gaining an understanding of them at the soul level creates a much deeper bond.

My husband Thom and I created this web site and services to help you in your journey together, including animal communication sessions, Animal Reiki energy healing sessions, MP3s, books, classes, and other informational resources. Life with animals changes our hearts forever, and it changes theirs. Sometimes life isn't easy, especially the pain of loss, but loving this deeply, wholely, and completely is absolutely worth it.

May your lives together be blessed, joyful, and full of love.

In kindred spirit,

Jonquil Williams

How We Help Your Pets

Using professional animal communication and Animal Reiki energy healing skills to help pet behavior issues, introducing new pets, pet loss grief, and support animal wellness

Comprehensive Services

Animal Communication

Animal Communication Helps Pet Family

Animal Communication helps the Whole Family

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Helps on Numerous Levels

Behavior Problems Solved

Pet Behavior Problems

Pet Behavior Problems Solved

Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Loss Grief Support for You and Your Pets

Introduce New Pets

New Pet Introduction

Introduction of New Pets to Your Family

Pet Illness & Wellness

Pet Illness

Pet Illness & Wellness Checks

Schedule Your Animal Communication / Reiki Session

During our sessions, your pets stay relaxed and safe in the comfort of their home for distance Animal Reiki & animal communication!

girl whispering to a dog, both lying on grass.

Animal Communicator FAQ

Communicate with your animals to find out what they think, feel, and need; your pets love to be heard! As a true animal lover, Jonquil Williams hears your pets' needs by using a client-centered approach to help you find solutions that are right for your pet family. Professionally trained animal communicator, Jonquil can help resolve behavior issues, help with family changes and introducing new pets.

Cat undergoing a Reiki treatment

Animal Reiki Benefits

As a triple-certified Animal Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, Jonquil can use long distance Animal Reiki energy healing to help ease stressed, nervous and injured animals anywhere in the world. Any species of pet or animal can benefit with Animal Reiki, and it has been proven to relieve stress and pain, creating a healing environment in an animal's body to support the body's natural self-healing abilities. Our clients have discovered Animal Reiki useful to promote healing, removing energy blocks for many types of illness, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients, behavioral issues, easing emotional problems, and eating disorders. Reiki, which originated with human use, has become so popular that many human hospitals and hospices use it too.

Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Loss Grief Support

Jonquil also assists compassionately and respectfully with end-of-life issues, pet loss grief support and afterlife communication, helping you and your whole family find that place of peace and comfort during the most difficult times. She understands the deep ripping in our hearts and lives when we lose our loved ones, and just how long and painful the grieving process truly can be - it can last for years. She also recognizes and respects that grief is different for everyone, and she supports and honors your souls and spirits - yours and your animal companions - in this difficult journey.

Reiki Music - 10 Song Album

by Thom Williams - Energy Healing in Rock/Jazz Music


Photo of Lilly, a feline Animal Reiki client.

Animal Reiki Testimonial

"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life." Read Animal Reiki testimonial Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL

Photo of Cluny, Animal Communication client

Animal Communication Testimonial

" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. " Read pet behavior problem solved animal communication testimonial Cindy K - Wayne, NJ