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Written from the heart, here is a small sampling from our customers that have written about Animal Healings. They can help you understand how animal communication and Reiki for animals benefited their pet family with numerous types of dog, cat, bird, horses or any other pet behaviors, lost pets and pet loss grief help situations. They explain how we have helped their whole family in very specific and individualized ways. We are so grateful for all of our customers and their wonderful pet families! You can add your testimonial here...

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Helping Dog & Cat Urination & Defication Problem Testimonials

Behaviors | Urination Issues | Multi-Cat Home

animal communication with Sheltie rescue Tyler

" ...we could see progress in Lily’s behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family."

My husband and I rescued 2-year old Lily from the side of the road near a power plant a little over a year ago. She was emaciated, had an infection that caused her chin to be red and raw, sores in her mouth, part of her lip to be eaten away, and one of her paw pads was blackened to the point where the vet though it may need to be removed. She also had a hernia and tape worm.

The vet estimated she had been on her own for at least a month to six-weeks. When we tried to integrate her with our other two 14-year old cats, she began marking, especially the living room carpeting. She also became very aggressive with our other cats.

We had several sessions with Thom and Jonquil and after each session would see a little more improvement in her behavior. Every couple of sessions we would check in with our other cats as well to see how they were doing and if they had anything to say about their own comfort levels and Lily’s progress.

Since we did not know Lily’s background, it was difficult to determine what she needed, but through Thom and Jonquil’s work with her, we were better able to understand what she needed from us and she began to understand what we expected of her.

I don’t think we would still have her today if it hadn’t been for our work with Thom and Jonquil. They were able to communicate what she and we needed so that we could see progress in Lily’s behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family where everyone is accepted and belongs.

Lily has stopped marking and is enjoying letting us love her. She seems to have make peace with our male cat and we are working on creating a better relationship between her and our female cat. Thanks to Thom and Jonquil’s patience, insight, and understanding, as well as their ability to communicate lovingly to all of our cats and us, we are well on our way to having a peaceful home again.

S Phillips - State College, PA

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Defication (Poohing)Problem |Behaviors

Luna stopped poohing on the bed after one animal communication session

" I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!"

[From a pet parent who fosters cats with her forever cat family. We did one animal communicator behavior session with her male cat Luna to help his poohing on the bed issue.]

I hesitated to write because I wanted to be sure things stuck, almost a week after you communicated with him, Luna pooped on the bed just one time ... but it was also a day that the female cat's new adopting mom contacted me to update me on how she is assimilating in her new home. She shared a lot of stories and pictures and for half the day, I was emotionally focused on the female cat (I had totally fallen in love with her while she was with us) ... SO my sense is that Luna was feeling my energy being directed towards the female cat that day, and maybe that's why he went back to pooping on the bed.

The good news is that he only did so that one time! It has been over 2 weeks since you communicated with him, and with the exception of that one day, he has been doing great! No issues or accidents whatsoever.

I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!

Thanks so much for your animal communication service.

Alina J. Minneapolis, MN

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Behaviors | Urination Problem

McGuire helped by animal communication stopped urniation issues

" Become more affectionate and requesting of attention"

I was very, very pleased with the session and the results. The hottest issue was her using beds, towels, etc as alternates for her litter box, especially when I was house sitting ... HUGE improvement. I put a litter box next to where she hides and she's used it. YEAH!!! Usually, she has to share "time"in communication sessions with McGuire. They go back and forth like siblings and that is fine, but it was interesting to focus on her.

We've come a LONG way since she first came into the house. She was very, very aloof and didn't like being held, petted or touched. She still isn't fond of being held, unless she initiates it - and then only if I'm sitting down. She has become more affectionate and requesting of attention - but it seems to have increased since you spoke to her. I knew she loved me - but hearing it verbalized did my heart a LOT of good. Until her comments to you, I didn't realize she had thought love might be limited. Her comments of McGuire being an extension of her fluffy tail, cracked me up.

I completed the house-sitting assignment. She did very, very well. I listened to your suggestions. She has one bed she can hide under - and she loves to sleep under it ... I moved a storage bin with litter next to the bed. The nights she stayed in the house, she used that litter box! She loves to sleep under that bed, especially during the day. I laughed out loud at her comments about washing McGuire feet. It makes him quiver and giggle - how humorous; but the best line "What's a hairball between friends!" is priceless!!!!

Carol. H. - Orlando, FL

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Lost Pets | Communication | Behavior | Urination

Reiki for asthma cat Lilly

"He's a real diplomat between people and their pets. "

We're extremely grateful to Thom for all the help he has given us with our family of cats. Most importantly, he was able to find our little cat Jake after he'd been missing for 2 weeks and send him back home to us.

Jake's big brother Charlie had chased him away and Thom talked with both of them to get the story. They came to us as a family of feral kittens, and their mother told Charlie that when cats grow up they have to go find new homes. Charlie thought he was "helping" Jake when he chased him away. After Thom explained it wasn't true, Jake came home the next day. Thom also talked to them all about not spraying in the house, which helped a lot! Thom truly cares about his animal clients and is able to translate in such a way that they answer honestly and really try to do what we humans would like. He's a real diplomat between people and their pets.

J.C. Pasadena, MD

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