Hear Your Pets, Heal Your Pets

Help Pets Illness through Animal Communication & Reiki

Animal Communicator Helps Pets w/ Long-Term Illness, End of Life Care & Pet Loss Grief

  • Know how to provide best care for pets possible without letting them suffer
  • Know what your pet companion is experiencing
  • Ensure you are remaining objective in your decisions
  • Comfortable pet's quality of  life
  • Help develop a unique signal from pet to know when its time for help

Animal Communicator Helps Pets During Terminal Illness and Dying

This is never an easy topic to think about when it comes a family member, and sometimes even harder when it comes to  animal companions because it's difficult a to make a decision about your pet's future without knowing what your animal companion really wants or needs. We must be careful as pet parents that we don't impose our own fears and beliefs onto our pets, yet we still wish provide them with the best care ultimately possible.

Animal Communication Provides Options

Telepathic Two-way Conversations with all of Your Pets for Better Healing

Through animal communication, you can have the option of asking what your pet's wishes may be concerning medical treatments during serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, CRF and other liver and kidney diseases. Just like humans, all animals are completely different from each other in respect to pain tolerances and wishes for treatments. No two cases we encounter are ever the same. We can work with you and your pet to provide your veterinarian with answers to questions they would like to ask, or ways that everyone can help to keep your pet more comfortable during treatment.

*Note:We are not, nor claim to be, veterinarians, health care providers, emergency care providers and cannot diagnose or prescribe treatments for your animal companions. We can, however, relay symptoms and information from your animal that may be useful for your vet and any treating providers.

When it's Time

You can ask your pet if they feel they are ready to cross over to the other side. If so, do they need assistance? Are you in pain and would you like medicine for it?   Is there anything you would like before you go? Would you like to talk after you cross?

You can even ask if they would like to come back to you in another life, yes that is possible. Check our Blog for more information about reincarnation. See more about end of life care and pet loss grief support.

Hear your pets - heal your pets ™

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We work with any species of animal or pet with convenient animal communication by phone and distance Animal Reiki sessions, no matter where you are located. Your animal family gets to stay in the comfort of their home.


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He spoke with Zoe after he passed and gave me closure. He also told me things no one else could possibly know, but me and My Friend Zoe. Read more of Angelique T. Crown Point, IN pet loss grief support testimonial

It was the first time the steroid really wasn’t enough. Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time. I have an incredible resource in Thom to turn to anytime Lilly’s asthma gets worse. Read more of Julie R, San Antonio, TX Animal Reiki testimonial

"I cannot thank Thom enough. He helped me understand what was happening to Sanna. She was very sick and was readying herself...." Read all of Alane L, Streamwood, IL animal communication testimonial

We have had problems with Zeek jumping on us and visitors whenever we would walk through the front door. Now, Zeek has not jumped on anyone! I still can't believe it Read More about Teresa, Ft. Myers, Florida experience with Animal Communication

12-year old Sassy lost nearly half her weight, vets tried regular protocol w/ little improvement. I called Thom and Jonquil for communication and double Reiki. Sassy regained 1.5 lbs in about a week! Read how Phyllis E., Atlanta, GA Animal Communication and Reiki helped Sassy

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