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Animal Communicator Customer Testimonial - Lost Indoor UK Cat Agrees to Come Home

Lost Indoor Cat Agrees to Come Home After Animal Communicator Negotiation Session

Written from the heart, here is a small sampling from our customers that have written in to help you understand how animal communication and Reiki for animals has worked for them and benefitted their pets. They explain how we have helped their whole family in very specific and individualized ways. We are so grateful for all of our customers and their wonderful pet families!

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Bebe - lost cat return home with animal communication

"Thom is quite simply AMAZING! I believe he is a God sent Middleman to assist Animal Owners to communicate with their lost/ill/badly behaved Pets, resulting in many, otherwise impossible happy endings .. "

I want to tell Bebe’s story because I know it will help all of you going through what I just experienced! It will give you Hope, Faith & Belief, as did the Testimonials already on the site when I found it in desperation. The story is long but all the detail is necessary in understanding how amazing this case was!

I live in Hertfordshire, UK with my 4 cats. I started out in Dec 2009 with 2 Himalayans (Persian/Siamese crossbreds) 1 yr old female Bebe and her older sibling 2 yr old male Linus, and a lovely ginger Persian 5 yr old male called Dudley, all from a purebreds cat rescue.

They all came from tragic circumstances and being (long haired) Persians needed extra special care and attention. They were all indoor cats requiring daily grooming, twice daily face washing to remove gunk build up from eyes and noses, and special cat biscuits (kibble) designed for ‘pug’ flat faced cats that have difficulty in being able to eat normal pet foods.

Wherever I lived I had to take great care in ensuring they could not escape their indoor or secure outdoor spaces where they enjoyed sunbathing and chasing butterflies in warm weather. Because of their early years of ill treatment, they were petrified of strangers, including me initially, and did not know the big, outside world or how to fend for themselves.

Bebe was also tiny, with such stunted growth and a lightweight frame, that people thought and still do, that she was/is a kitten rather than a now 5 yr old adult cat.

Bebe and Minnie


Minnie, another one year old female Persian rescue cat completed the family in Feb 2011. Bebe was none too pleased at another Princess joining the family and made Minnie’s first few weeks Hell, hissing at her, stalking her and generally harassing and bullying her.

It got so bad that I asked a Healer friend –Karina (who does hands on and distance Quantum Touch healing on humans) to assist. She had never worked on animals before. I sent the Healer, a photo of each cat. Neither Bebe nor Minnie had ever sat on the sofa. Within a couple of minutes of the healing commencing, both Bebe and Minnie came and curled up on either side of me on the sofa and fell asleep. As soon as the healing ended, both cats awakened and left the sofa.

From that moment on Bebe stopped bullying Minnie and accepted her. The Healer had found Bebe to have, a fiery orange energy, whilst Minnie a very gentle, peaceful energy.

Sadly in 2012 whilst living overseas, both Dudley and Minnie died within 6 months of each other due to PKD, a very common genetic defect in Persians, and I was left with Bebe and Linus. Bebe enjoyed the extra attention.

I was then asked to home a tiny abandoned feral female kitten. Very reluctantly I agreed on the proviso that Bebe and Linus would accept her. It was a disaster and Bebe reacted the same as before so I had to return the kitten to the shelter.

Dylan and Reggie


Last September I was again begged to consider homing 2 tiny 5 week old feral male sibling kittens found starving trapped under a fence with their necks tied together. They were feral domestic shorthairs. Again I reluctantly agreed only if Bebe and Linus accepted them. On this occasion it seemed that Bebe did. She simply sniffed them and walked off.

Unlike, the solitary little kitten, these 2 had each other to play with. I called them Dylan and Reggie. As they grew, they became more confident and their personalities developed. They became more and more boisterous, particularly Dylan, who would butt Bebe out of the way when she came to me for affection, eat from her bowl, sleep in her sleeping spots and tried to engage her in rough and tumble when she was trying to sleep. She clearly didn’t like it and would try and find hiding places away from them. She had a Houdini style ability at disappearing into unbelievable hiding places around the house.

It wasalso clear that the time had come for Dylan and Reggie (normal moggies and now 1 yr olds) to be able to venture outside, especially at night as they were driving us mad. We installed a catflap which Bebe and Linus just couldn’t master. Unlike Dylan and Reggie, Bebe and Linus, are unable to climb or scale very tall fences so the garden here is perfect as, they cannot escape from it so we can open up the back door in warm weather and leave it open all day in the knowledge that Bebe and Linus will be safe. The side gate to the property remains permanently closed except for when it is briefly opened to move rubbish bins to the front ready for collection, and always done when Bebe and Linus are safely in the house.

Fast forward to Sunday 1 Sept 2013, 10 days ago:

At 9 P.M. I opened the kitchen back door to put rubbish out. The next morning I suddenly realised that I had not heard or seen Bebe, who, like the other 3 cats, would come and go to my bedroom throughout the night. After a thorough house search, I rushed to open the kitchen back door expecting to find a cold Bebe waiting to be let in having obviously shot out the night before without me seeing, and not knowing how to use the catflap to re-enter. She was not there and on going to the side of the house, I discovered to my horror, that the side gate was wide open. Tiny, defenseless Bebe now out there for the first time in her life without her special food, warmth and scared of strangers, new places and loud noises.

Within hours I’d distributed over 100+ flyers with her photo to all the surrounding houses. My immediate neighbour confirmed she’d seen her at 11 P.M. the night before wandering around at the front of the house.


After that I went out night and day around the neighbourhood calling her name, whistling her favourite tune Bolero and leaving food trails from various points back to the house. It was a nightmare because I knew if she was to return on her own, it meant leaving not only the side gate open, but the kitchen back door open since she could only return the way she had escaped, yet I had her brother Linus to protect from the same fate. I knew she wouldn’t venture out from wherever she was hiding in the daytime so I only opened everything up at night and had to lock Linus in a bedroom with food and water. I risked leaving the kitchen back door open all night. It was cold and depressing.

During my night searches Dylan and Reggie would accompany me like loyal dogs! By day 2 I was desperate and contacted a UK based Animal Communicator, Pea Horsley who I had seen mentioned in a Newspaper story. She was too busy, booked up for 3 months. She did mention a narrow alleyway (there is one to the side of my house) on hearing Bebe’s name and suggested I visit Penelope Smith' s website and search for Animal Communicators who are willing to assist and track lost/missing Pets.

This area of work is the hardest so very few on the website offered this service. I contacted one man. I sent him her photo and he sent a detailed email back, confirming that she was very close, but tired, hungry and confused, and completely hidden from other animals and humans. He pinpointed points on a google map very close to my house where I might find her, as well as local things she had seen, such as the red and blue front doors of 2 houses opposite mine, a white van, the alleyway and flowers below a fence near the houses directly behind mine. This was remarkable as he could not have known all this extra detail. I was relieved she was out there. I had already been to all of the places marked on the map, calling her day and night but I tried again in vain. Still nothing.

Contacting Animal Healings

After another 2 days of fruitless searching and exhausted, I then saw AnimalHealings.Com’s website.

I read it and all the testimonials and knew that I just had to seek Thom’s help immediately. The stories on there were amazing and I started to have hope again. I liked the fact that Thom has a 2 way conversation with the Animal acting as a Referee/Communicator between Pet and Owner. Equipped with Bebe’s photo and despite the 5 hour time change between countries, he was able to squeeze me in for an evening skype (UK time) on the now day 4 of the nightmare. It was 9 P.M. UK time. We had also had an unseasonably boiling hot day where it was still 28c at 7 P.M.

He basically spoke to Bebe and revealed that she had left home because she could no longer stand Dylan and Reggie constantly invading her space.

Bebe and Thom

Below is the exact email that I sent out to 3 friends immediately after the session on the Thursday Night:

The Animal Communicator Thom spoke with Bebe's Spirit Guide, and basically she ran away because of Dylan & Reggie taking over the household and invading her space. And she doesn't want any more cats coming to live here.

After negotiation, where I agreed that we will do work on Dylan & Reggie to calm them down and behave better, she has agreed to come home.

It will be either in the early hours or just before dawn. She's safe and warm and told him that she will return when it gets colder, and she has been eating the food that I've been leaving out for her (I had not told him that I had been doing that).

She is so close, probably only 1-2 houses away. She understands that the side gate is now open as is the cat flap whilst Linus is secured so he can't wander off. She said it was ok for D & R to be out and about when she returns.

She will be near the shed, or in the little bed I've made her under the barbecue or waiting on the back kitchen steps that I've made for her outside the kitchen door!

She said D & R can be in the house in cold weather but she wants them to be out as much as possible otherwise!

She liked the fact that I have gone to so much trouble calling her all night and likes being called Princess!

I was to contact Thom again if she had not returned after 2 days. I practiced his ’Golden Cord’ technique and kept visualizing Bebe following the cord home and being in my arms for her usual cuddles!

A Bebe-Sighting!

I could barely sleep that night and kept getting up expecting to see Bebe out the back as promised. At 7 A.M. a lady called. She basically saw what she thought was a tiny white cat just outside our housing development entrance, therefore by the main road, that is extremely long in both directions, with dense hedges and trees either side and leading to other similar developments to ours, giving at least 2000+ houses in total.

She saw a car stop on the section of the main road, on the opposite side to the cat (who was on the development edge side). The man put his hazard lights on, got out of his car, and crossed over to where the cat was. The lady went to grab some clothing as she was undressed. When she rushed back to the bedroom window, she saw the man heading back to his car, and she felt that he was definitely EMPTY handed. (Made sense with Bebe being scared of strangers). And he drove off.

I rushed round to hers.

She showed me a tiny cut through leading to 4 houses that I'd missed when I leafleted the area. Although part of the development, these 4 houses are just on the development edge closest to the main road where she saw Bebe. Again lots of dense bushes separating the front of these 4 houses and the main road.

I called out for her and left a fresh food trail from these houses back to the rear of mine. What concerned me was how FAR she now was from mine if it was her. It was at least 10-15 houses away, on the main road leading AWAY from the development and out of earshot of my calling from my house. Nothing further happened for the rest of that day until 11 P.M.

Having almost given up hope I went to bed at 10 P.M. It was also now a bitterly, cold autumnal night.

A Miracle!

And then the miracle! I got a call an hour later at 11 P.M. by my rear neighbour who'd seen Bebe walking near the fence with flowers below it which was near the front of the house behind mine and, for cats quickly accessed by the alleyway.

One must assume she was making her way back as promised, and it was now very cold. The neighbour said she was now hiding under a parked car on the driveway next to his.

I got out of bed and rushed round with a jacket over my pyjamas, got on all fours and shone my torch. And there she was! She let out the most pitiful mieow of what I can only describe as surprise, shock, relief! She gently came to me whilst the neighbor remained deadly quiet and still. She let me pick her up and I rushed her home where my housemate re-sealed up all her escape routes. She was covered in dirt and some oil and very thin, looking like a chimney sweep!

Despite having patrolled and called her at that very same spot and beyond for 5 days running, it was only now that she was willing to show herself.

As promised Thom and I are now working on Dylan’s and Reggie’s behavior.

Bebe is Home!

Bebe meanwhile spent that first night at home calling out continuously as she walked around her familiar home territory and then, for the first time ever started to sleep on my head ALL night and on my pillow in the daytime.

Thom and I both thanked her for sticking to her promise and coming home the next day as agreed!

I am certain that without Thom’s intervention, Bebe would never have returned or be found as she was too scared of strangers. I also gave a Thank You card to the neighbor who had received one of my leaflets and insisted on declining to accept the reward I’d offered!

So I cannot recommend Thom enough and sincerely believe that he can persuade any missing Pet to return home directly or allow itself to be found, or even prevent such a situation occurring in the first place by ensuring a Pet is happy at home!

Catherine L - Hertfordshire, UK

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