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Written from the heart, here is a small sampling from our customers that have written in to help you understand how animal communication and Reiki for animals has worked for them and benefitted their pets. They explain how we have helped their whole family in very specific and individualized ways. We are so grateful for all of our customers and their wonderful pet families! You can add your testimonial here.

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"Ultimately, I saw Cluny [originally feral rescue] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. "

I feel so lucky to have found Thom and gotten his guidance with my animals he opened up a whole new world for me in how I relate to all 3 of my animals, and has especially made a huge difference with my one rescue cat who has major trust issues. Every time Thom works with one of my animals I learn something new, and it continues to deepen my relationships with them.

I first contacted Thom a couple of months ago after researching animal communicators on the internet. My cat, Cluny, had been with me for about 4 and a half years. A local rescue group found him outside, probably at about 5 months of age he probably had always lived outside; adjusting to life inside my house was a struggle for him. Cluny would hover around where I, or the other animals were he had no problem with contact with the other animals, but, if I approached him, he would run. And then he would come back and hover again. I didn't t know what to do because I felt like he wanted to be part of things, but was, at the same time, afraid to. Grooming him (he s long-haired) or going to the vet were always problems since catching him was pretty much traumatic for both of us! When I brought him home, I had my dog, Shana (female); after a year, I got my second cat, Valentino, in hopes that a very sociable, people-oriented cat (which he is) might help Cluny's trust issues. Unfortunately, we did not make great strides.

What caused me to contact Thom was that Cluny went through some behavior changes that said to me that he was clearly having medical issues. He was not eating and he had reverted to really hiding not just running way, really hiding, to where I often had no idea where he was. I was frantic with worry that I would lose him simply because I would not be able to get him basic medical attention. I had heard about animal communication but never had any personal experience. I was just hoping that someone could talk to Cluny and get him to let me help him.

From the moment I first spoke to Thom on the phone, I was comforted. His kindness, his gentleness basically, his heart comes across immediately. I knew if I felt it, so would Cluny.

We had a long conversation, that first day Thom spoke to Cluny, asked my questions, got his responses, then relayed Cluny's comments back to me, and then we asked more questions based on that. We spoke about where he came from, why he is scared, does he know I love him (yes! Which meant a lot to hear), is he ok with the other animals in the house, how does he feel, and can he please let me take care of him so he can feel better.

Thom explained to him what needed to happen for us to go to the vet, how he needed to get into the carrier, and how I would be there the whole time and would be there to take him home. We finished with him giving Cluny a Reiki session. Oh, and we talked about me, too!...how responsive Cluny was to my anxiety, and how if I wanted to help him achieve more calm, I needed to really be offering that myself. Honestly, I hadn't thought about that, but as soon as Thom spoke about it, I knew it was true again, not only for Cluny, but really for all my animals.

Ultimately, I saw Cluny walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. That was huge for him I could see in his eyes that he understood that I was going to help him; in the vet s office, he just buried his face into me and allowed her to examine him fully and even took 2 injections quietly. When we got home that night, he stayed in my arms all night, which was very special.

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Cindy K - Wayne, NJ

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"Much happier now"

I contacted Jonquil Williams in regardto some issues I was having with my cat, Snowflake. We had recently bought my son a new bed and Snowflake would no longer sleep with my son, which he always did prior to us getting the new bed. Since my son missed sleeping with him I wanted to find out why he wouldn't go near the new bed. Snowflake also seemed unhappy with his dry food. I wanted to know if it was my imagination or was he really dissatisfied with his food. The last thing I addressed with Jonquil was that Snowflake had started scratching my living room rug which he always steered clear of before. Why did his behavior change and he no longer scratched his scratching box?

Jonquil was able to successfully communicate with Snowflake. He basically said that he was unhappy with the new bed because we got rid of the old one without consulting him first (he had worked very hard to break in the old bed with his smells) and that the new bed had a funny smell that he didn’t like. He said he wants to sleep with my son again because he watches over him. Jonquil explained that it would take some time for the mattress smell to wear off but that she’d ask us to air it out. He also said that his food was alright but maybe a wet food would be nice once in awhile. As far as the rug scratching he indicated that he liked the attention he got when he scratched it and its texture.

Jonquil worked with us as a family and negotiated some changes. Based on her recommendations, Snowflake has not yet returned to the bed but he does sleep on the floor of my son's room, which is a big improvement in such a short time. Snowflake also seems much happier now that he has a variety with his food and since my husband made him a new scratch post with carpeting, he no longer is destroying my rug. Jonquil was very helpful and I am so glad I sought her help.

Joy, Huntington, NY

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Animal Communicator Thom helps help stopped Zeek from jumping on people

"Zeek has not jumped on anyone"

"Thom's session with my dog Zeek was so wonderful. We have had problems with Zeek jumping on us and visitors whenever we would walk through the front door. I asked Thom to work with Zeek on this issue. Now, Zeek has not jumped on anyone! I still can't believe it! Thom was also able to share some things from Zeek that made me laugh out loud!! I found out how much and why Zeek dislikes his baths (it was the smell of the soap) and how much he loves his "gravy" (which is a raw egg I mix in with his food every now and then). I am so thankful to Thom and his ability!"

Teresa - Ft. Myers, Florida

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