" I called Thom and Jonquil for {animal} communication and double Reiki. Sassy regained 1.5 lbs in about a week!
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Can an Animal Communicator Share Your Pet's Perspective?

Through Animal Communication Your Dog, Cat, Bird or other Pets Describe and Share Their World with Us

  • What can we do to make you happier
  • Express personal interests and tastes
  • Learn ways to make meals and water more fun or attractive
  • More cuddling and find other needs
  • Find out what they want to say to you


Animal communication learns your pet's perspectiveMany people would like to ask their animal companions how they feel about something in advance. Do they want a new animal companion in the house? What would they like something added or changed in their life to make them happier? Is something bothering them? Do they want a 'job'? How do they like their 'job'?

Getting your pet's perspective can make all the difference in the world during changes in your home, lifestyle, when adding new pets or people, any changes that may affect your pet. It can be especially important before introducing a new puppy or kitten into an existing pet family.

Understanding your pet's perspective of our human world can be a very easy approach depending on your pet(s.) Of course a fairly happy pet compared to a pet with behavior issues will most likely have a different views of different things in our world. Typically pets that are easily frightened have very interesting observations about the objects that scare them from the human world. Whether its the size, shapes or sounds these things make, there can be ways we can explain and help make them feel more secure within our world.

This is especially important when working lost pet cases and other cases where pets are extremely stressed. We work very quickly and carefully to help your pet get calm and feel safe.

Consider the very small breed animals and how large the whole world appears to them. Certainly they get use to it, but it is a point of view or perspective that is helpful for you as a pet parent to always keep in mind when trying to understand how your pet thinks and reacts.

Pet's love being heard!


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