Hear Your Pets, Heal Your Pets

Learn Your Pet's Perspective Through Animal Communication

Discover Your Your Dog, Cat, Bird, Horse or other Pet's View of the World Through Animal Telepathy

Animal communication learns your pet's perspective
  • What can you do to make your pets happier
  • Pets can express personal needs, interests and views of our human world
  • Learn ways to make meals and water more fun or more attractive
  • Bring out their personality for more love and positive expression
  • Find out what they really want to say to you
  • Help pets fears, anxieties & uncover possible PTSD's

Many people would love to ask their animal companions how they feel about something in this life we share with them. Do they want a new animal companion in the house? What would they like something added or changed in their life to make them happier? Is something bothering them? Do they want a 'job'? How do they like their 'job'?

Getting your pet's perspective can make all the difference in the world during changes in your home, lifestyle, when adding new pets or people, any changes that may affect your pet. It can be especially important before introducing a new puppy or kitten into an existing pet family.

Pets Love to be Heard

Understanding your pet's perspective using animal communication (animal telepathy) for their view of our human world can be a very easy approach of understanding your pets. Of course a fairly happy pet compared to a pet with behavior issues will most likely have very different views of different things in our world.

Typically pets that are easily frightened have very interesting observations about the objects that scare them about the human world. Whether its the size, shapes or sounds of our human machines, there can be ways through animal communication that we can explain and help make pets feel more secure within our world.

This is especially important when working lost pet cases, rescued pets, trauma and PTSD pets and other cases where pets are extremely skiddish or stressed. We work very carefully to help your pet get calm and feel safe. As professionally trained animal communicators at Animal Healings we create a safe zone for animals to feel safe in which to share their feelings and perspectives.

Consider the very small breed animals and how large the whole world can appear to them. Certainly they get use to it, but it is a point of view or perspective that is helpful for you as a pet parent to always keep in mind when trying to understand how your pet thinks and reacts.

Rescues and Adopted Pets

Pets who have been rescued or adopted from shelters that have an unknown past to their families often come to their new families with some special needs. As animal communicators we specialize in helping these pets adjust to their new home, the families and the pets who already live there.

Families with new human babies on the way can present challenges to some pets, we help in those situations. Families about to travel, whether with the pets or boarding the pets through our animal telepathy can explain when, where and what the travel plans are all about.

Learn more of the benefits of animal communication.

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