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Animals Communicate through Telepathy Even With Humans

Animal communication happens on a telepathic level and every animal communicates this way, even with you!

animal telepathy connects you and your pet

Telepathic communication, or animal telepathy, doesn’t require any spoken words and it’s the foundation in which all animals communicate with each other. It is also how they have always attempted to communicate with us.

Let's go one step further. Have you ever noticed your pets waiting for you at the door or a window every time you come home from work or school? Even when your work schedule changes all of sudden or you come home early, theere they are, waiting as usual.

Some people tend to think the pets know the sound of their car engine, or just know their schedule very well. But then when they go out shopping, or go other places, there's Fluffy or Fido waiting in the window or at the door right on cue. That's another great example animal telepathy!

Pets are very connected to your hearts, minds, and your energy no matter where you go, distance makes no difference!

Animal Communication is the special telepathic ability that we humans are all born with as children, which allows us to make a connection with our animal friends and have an actual two-way conversation. Some of us retain this ability as we grow up, others are able to regain it through classes and special training exercises.

The ability to send and receive thoughts, images, feelings to one another isn’t a new form of communication for people either. It’s the oldest form of communication. Many studies prove people frequently communicate telepathically with each other without realizing it. It is how we make friends, keep aware of strangers and even fall in love. We all are born with this ability, this intuitive gift but are taught to not use it as we grow up. You may re-learn it through practice, experimentation and workshops. It’s simply a matter of relaxing the mind and “tuning in.”

Do Animals Really Communicate?

Do animals really communicate? Here's a great example: Two separate breeds that shouldn't be best friends that are spending their lives together - for the whole public to watch every day. Kasi the Cheetah and Mtani the Puppy

Is animal consciousness the same as humans?

Yes. The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness was signed by the world's top neuroscientists at a conference at the University of Camridge, where Dr. Stephen Hawking was the guest of honor. The signed declaration simply means every animal is a thinking, feeling, creative individual - they are our equals at the soul level.

How an Animal Communicator use Animal Telepathy

Animal communication can help resolve past grief issues

An Animal Communicator has a two-way conversation with your pet in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, words and feelings from any species of animal life. Animals use these methods because it is more effective than just words. (Humans do the same thing unconsciously - when we think about something, we ofen see images and have feelings connected with what we're thinking or talking about.) Using that animal telepathy that all animals use to communicate, the communicator taps into the same "channel" for an actual conversation.

Questions asked often include: How do you feel? Do you like your food? How were you injured? What were you experiencing when this happened to you? Where does it hurt? Do you like your bedding/ kennel or stables? Animals can even be asked if they are ready to cross over (euthanasia) and if they would like to return to their pet parent/family? Professionally trained communicators will help guide you through the session during difficult situations.

Dog journeys 15 blocks to hospital to find owner.

They don't know how she did it, but we do! It's a perfect example of telepathic communication between pet and pet parent!

Check out our Animal Communication FAQ's to find out how it really works, and make sure you read our testimonials from our customers who explain how it's helped them.

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