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Animal Reiki Healing Works on a Cause Level

Animal Reiki Can Help Your Pets on a “Cause” Level for Deeper Healing

  • We are all "Beings of energy" negative & positive
  • Energy flow blockages = slower internal healing and functions
  • Energy healing ( Reiki ) removes blockages – creates “optimum” self-healing
  • Animal’s energy field includes spiritual, emotional, mental & physical healing

Help for Trauma and more

Testimonials from animal reiki customers

Animal Reiki is a powerful tool for healing emotional trauma, neglect, fear, abuse and trust issues, bringing healing on the deepest level even in the most extremely affected beings. Animal Reiki healing is always safe and comfortable for any and all animals, especially because it can be given from a distance if an animal is fearful, and Reiki always works for the highest good. Reiki can help an animal feel more emotionally balanced within their current life, while also helping them to heal from the original source of the issue, no matter how long ago the imbalance happened. By also bridging the gaps with animal communication, we can bring additional healing into these trauma based situations.

For healthy animals, Reiki helps maintain good health and balance. Reiki’s healing abilities are boundless, working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels (also known as cause levels). The results usually are an overall balanced state of health, happiness and inner harmony for the animal.

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"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life." Read Animal Reiki Testimonial Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL

"I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!" Read more of Animal Communication Pet Behavior Problem cat litter training testimonial Alina J. Minneapolis, MN

"...calmed my fears and gave me new insights into my cat... best of all, my cat came back exactly how and when Thom said he would" Read more about Pet Behavior Problem & lost pet testimonial Kathrine K., Jersey City, NJ

It was the first time the steroid really wasn’t enough. Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time.I have an incredible resource in Thom to turn to anytime Lilly’s asthma gets worse. Read more of Animal Reiki Testimonial Julie R, San Antonio, TX

" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. " Read more about pet behavior problem solved animal communication testimonial Cindy K - Wayne, NJ

"We were astounded - and I know it was with the help of the Golden Cord and Thom's communication with him." Read more of pet behavior issues & lost pet golden cord testimonial Kathy W. Sebastian, FL

Now that he's home, both of my cats are getting along noticeably better. I've even caught Ernie cleaning his brother a few times, something I'd never thought I'd see before. Read more about lost pet & pet behavior help testimonial Julian, Cary, North Carolina

" 10 minutes later a knock came on my door with the girl standing there with Freckles in her arms!!" Read more from lost pet found in minutes testimonial Kelly LM. Venice, FL

"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful." Read more of pet behavior & lost pet returns testimonial Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA

"...Thom's mapping along the way was dead-on. A few hours after getting the map I had a call..." Read more from lost pet & map dowsing testimonial Nancy E, Chaptico, MD

"They became essentially four totally different dogs" Read more of pet behavior problem testimonial Iris H, Englewood, FL

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