Hear Your Pets, Heal Your Pets

Animal Communicator's & Animal Reiki Healer's Mission Statement

Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Mission Statement: To Hear and To Help Heal

Animal communication can deepen relationships with your pets by simply being able to state your love in an even more special way that you ever have before. But that's just the beginning of the incredible experience that awaits you as you finally get to talk with your pet for the first time.

Animal Communicator Thom helps any species of pet

At Animal Healings, our mission is to help the whole family by improving the lives and relationships of our clients with their pet family in positive and meaningful way that impacts pet health, wellness and spiritual outlook, no matter what species of animals they may have. Using animal communication & Reiki for animals, through open dialogue and ethical communication we hope to expand everyone's understanding of how animals see and relate to our human world. To bring a better understanding of the individualized character and personality of every animal and pet.

We hope to teach an understanding of the importance that every living species on our incredible planet has a role to fulfill, and how we all interrelate to each other, no matter how big or small, and that makes our world function and evolve.

By providing pet loss grief support to those who are hurting, we wish to impart great understandsing, compassion, and support the healing process by giving everyone a chance to say all the things they might not have gotten to say, by whatever means of separation, and to hear from their cherished ones that passed all too soon.

Through Animal Reiki, we hope to bring a peaceful, joyous relaxation to everyone in need of the energy healing and provide stress relief to support the body's natural self-healing abilities.

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Hear your pets - heal your pets™

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We work with any species of animal or pet with convenient animal communication by phone and distance Animal Reiki sessions, no matter where you are located. Your animal family gets to stay in the comfort of their home.


"We were astounded - and I know it was with the help of the Golden Cord and Thom's communication with him. " Read More from Kathy W. - Sebastian, FL

"I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!" Read more from Alina J. Minneapolis, MN

Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time. Read more of Julie R, San Antonio, TX

" 10 minutes later a knock came on my door with the girl standing there with Freckles in her arms!!" Read More from Kelly LM.- Venice, FL

"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful." Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA

"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life." Read more from Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL

Now that he's home, both of my cats are getting along noticeably better. I've even caught Ernie cleaning his brother a few times, something I'd never thought I'd see before. Read More from Julian, Cary, North Carolina

" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. " Read More from Cindy K - Wayne, NJ

"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful." Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA

"...Thom's mapping along the way was dead-on.  A few hours after getting the map I had a call..." Read more from Nancy E - Chaptico, MD

"They became essentially four totally different dogs" Read More of Iris H.- Englewood, FL

"...calmed my fears and gave me new insights into my cat... best of all, my cat came back exactly how and when Thom said he would" Read More from Kathrine K., Jersey City, NJ

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