Note: We are not taking lost pet cases at this time. However, the information on this page may be of use to you during your search. May you have a quick and safe reunion with your beloved pet.

Hear Your Pets, Heal Your Pets

Animal Communicator Helps Find Missing & Lost Pets

What we do as an animal communicator to help you find your lost pet:

  • Animal Communicator finds the reasons why pets became lost or left home (important for the return of your pet and keeps pets home once they return)
  • High tech mapping tools / map dowsing, dowsing crystals & animal communicator skills to narrow search location to help find your missing pet
  • We teach you The Golden Cord which can help guide your pet home
  • We reassure your pet that you are still looking for them, they are still loved, to keep stay safe, and other special instructions you may have for your pet

Using Animal Communication Techniques & Tools

As an animalcommunicator and lost pet specialist, Jonquil Williams of Animal Healings uses animal communication techniques and tools, including high tech and traditional mapping tools, Reiki infused crystals for map dowsing to help narrow the search location of your missing, lost or stolen pet as quickly as possible. We know time is of the essence, both for your family and your lost pet.

Professional & Personal Experience

We have been through a missing pet event ourselves, so we know what it's like. Every lost pet case is unique and it can sometimes be very difficult to locate a missing pet, since they can be lost for a variety of (initially unknown) reasons. The pet may be scared and confused, with no clue where they are located.

Many animal communicators do not offer lost pet location services because it is one of the most skilled and highly focused functions of the animal communicator trade, and it can be such an emotionally charged experience for the pet parent and the communicator to endure. While we cannot guarantee success of bringing your pet home, make sure you read our customer testimonials to see how our animal communicator lost pets services have worked for so many pet families across the USA, Canada, UK and the World.

How an Animal Communicator Works to Find Lost Pets

It’s very important (and the first thing we are taught as professional animal communicators ) to never make assumptions about our animals friends until you talk to them first. This includes a missing pet's condition and the reason why they went missing.

Through animal communication, your animal can sometimes help by offering clues on a one-to-one telepathic level which provides details to their location based on images, sounds and even smells they may be experiencing around them, wherever they may be hiding. Details they provide can help us narrow the search area or sometimes even pinpoint the location. As your pet communicator, we can help try to keep your pet calm and in a safe location until help arrives.

Helping You Stay Calm

At Animal Healings, we have also found it's extremely important to keep you, the pet parent and human family members calm, feeling positive and focused on the right things to bring your pet home quickly. From the first session you'll understand why clients return to us again and again for our very specialized personal support and care.

Understanding why your pet has left can help in their return

map dowsing for lost pets

While we all can see trends at times, every missing / lost pet case we have experienced has been a little different from the other. Every pet is different from each other and they all have unique personalities, minds, and even reasons for being here on earth with us. Sometimes the reason for a pet being missing can be obvious to the pet parent. Perhaps a new pet came into the family, a stressful situation has occurred, foul play by someone else. However, what if you don't know all the reasons behind why your pet left or why they aren't returning? It's important to remember all animals (just like humans) do have free will.

Through an animal communicator we can try to find out what is on their mind and then help them through a negotiation style session to want to come home. Our professional training in ethics, standards, and the needs-based, empathetic approach will help work through these difficult situations. In some cases pet parents were not even aware there were issues at home that drove the pet away until we spoke with the pet.

More Than Just an Animal Communicator

Animal communication helps your whole pet family

We also feel it's vital to help support you and your family during this stressful event. So we do our best to keep you calm because your pet's are in-tune with your emotional state and well being. Helping to keep you in a good place while we all work to find your missing or lost pet is essential and part of the unique customized and personal service you receive from Animal Healings. You'll see from our customer testimonials that we provide healing support for the whole family during a time when you are missing more than just a pet, you're missing your family member. Not everyone in the world understands this missing pet is more than just a pet to you, they are family, we know.

The Golden Cord

We help you understand my different techniques and methods that are are all important in the return of your pet. One known as the Golden Cord works in helping you stay connected with your pet and sends a beacon of light to help guide your pet home. It can help just about any species of animal in any situation. We also now offer a "Guided Golden Cord Meditation MP3" stepping you through the process, relieving your daily stress as you build your golden cord to your pet's heart.

How Map Dowsing Can Locate Lost Pets

map dowsing for lost pets

You can request a map dowsing as part of your lost pet package. See more about map dowsing for lost pets and watch a YouTube video of how map dowsing for missing pets really works!

* Every missing pet case is slightly different, so not every case automatically warrants the need for a map dowsing, it depends on the circumstances discovered during your session.

How Did My Pet Get Out?

Many clients wonder how a pet can get out of a locked fence, gate or patio - Check out this pet video, you will be stunned!

Two Great Myths About Lost & Missing Pets – Part 1

Everyone involved in helping you search for your lost pet almost always expresses an opinion, often perpetuating two great myths about missing pets. Our years of working with lost pets will help dispel these two myths...Read Lost & Missing Pets Myths Article Now

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I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful. Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA lost pet home testimonial

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