Note: We are not taking lost pet cases at this time. However, the information on this page may be of use to you during your search. May you have a quick and safe reunion with your beloved pet.

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Comprehensive Guide / FAQ Hiring a Lost Pet Animal Communicator

FAQ to Hiring an Animal Communicator Before, During and After Your Animal Communication Lost Pet Session

Animal Communicator Thom helps any species of pet
  • Animal communication helps find reasons behind behavior issues and helps you understand / negotiate better choices for (and with) your pets
  • Find lost pets and discover the reason why they left
  • Pet loss grief support for you and your pet family
  • The ancient art of map dowsing to help locate missing pets

Experiencing a missing or lost pet event is a frightening, stressful experience that affects the whole family. We care passionately about you, your pet and your family, and we are honored you have chosen Animal Healings to help in the efforts of your pet’s safe return.

We have prepared the following information to help you better understand the benefits of a lost pet animal communication. (Note that we are not taking lost pet cases at this time.)

What a Lost Pet Animal Communicator Session Can Do for You

Animal communication is a telepathic two-way conversation with your pet. The information we receive from your pet is meant to provide you with insight that you may or may not choose to use in making your search decisions.

The session can possibly provide:

  • Information from and about your pet, such as their physical and emotional state
  • Help your pet feel more safe and secure by knowing you are searching for them
  • Possible location about their surroundings, like sights, sounds, smells your pet is experiencing
  • Why they left home and what may need to be changed to help them when they return
  • A map dowsing (Optional) , which is done shortly after the communication session. Map dowsing is not necessary in all cases. If you want to have a map dowsing done, you can reserve 15 minutes of your session time for a first level dowsing.

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What a Lost Pet Animal Communicator Does Not Provide

Animal communication is only a tool to give insight for your search. To help you understand the limitations of animal communication, here is a list of things to consider before you sign up:

  • We do not physically help you search for your pet in the field.
  • You may need more follow-up sessions to refine clues or if your pet’s situation changes.
  • We cannot guarantee the return of your pet. No animal communicator that we know can guarantee it. There are too many factors beyond anyone’s control. If they left of their own accord, they may have had a reason for doing so. They may be on a mission, or they may be unhappy about something at home. They may also have been taken against their will; this is a very difficult situation, though not always impossible.
  • Animal communication is a tool that can help your search, but not a magic bullet. You must do the physical work to find your pet.
  • We prefer that you are not in the field at the time of the session. From experience, we know that pet parents can become overwhelmed by the surroundings and don’t focus on the conversation with the pet. Also, dropped calls from bad cell phone reception can be very disruptive to the flow of the session and waste a lot of your precious session time.
  • No one can force your pet to do something that is against their nature or will. However, we can bargain, negotiate, and help them make good choices. We can also work to resolve behaviors, pet loss grief, health matters, end of life issues and more, many of which are at the core of why a pet chooses to leave.

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How We Work as Lost Pet Animal Communicators

We are not currently offering lost pet sessions. So it is very important that you ask another communicator how they work with lost pet cases, if they don't clearly list it on their web site.

Usually, the information you receive from the session is meant to provide you with insight that you may or may not wish to use in making your choices and decisions during your search. Think creatively; view the clues from your pet’s perspective and weigh all information carefully.

Every missing pet case is slightly different from any other. Solving complex issues can take time, patience, love and understanding from all parties involved. Not every lost pet communicator works on solving issues. Ask before you book a session with them.

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Preparing for Your Lost Pet Communication Session in Advance

  • Make a list of questions for your pet that you wish to ask. Remember to be as specific as possible, general questions like” How are you?” can sometimes yield very general answers like “I’m okay.”
  • You know your neighborhood, town, countryside better than we do, so prepare the right geographical questions.
  • Before signing up, have the details of the day (or days leading up to the missing event) your pet left clearly pieced together.
  • A powerful tool that our clients have found useful is the Golden Cord Meditation and our Guided Golden Cord Meditation MP3
  • Do everything in your power to find your lost pet before your session. Post flyers, ask neighbors, send out pet Amber Alerts, contact shelters and veterinarians, etc.
  • Stay calm and focused, and take care of your health. When you need to have a good cry, do it, and then pick yourself up again and keep looking. Just as you would need to do for a small human child, you must be the source of strength, determination, intelligence, creativity, and hope for your pet. They are depending on you.
  • Don’t pay attention to gossip or myths like "a coyote probably got them", but do follow-up on possible leads. Many caring people want to help and has best intentions with opinions about your pet’s welfare. Some of that information can be valuable. Sort through it an rely on your internal intelligence, not fear. Only your opinion matters because you know your pet best. Trust your instincts.

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After Your Lost Pet Communication Session

Your session provides valuable insight that can help you in your decision making. However, you and you alone are responsible for making decisions and doing everything you can to get your pet back. Why? There are many reasons, but the biggest are that things can change very quickly out there for a lost pet and it takes more than one tool to get them home. Animal communication is only one tool, but a valuable tool.

Here are some helpful suggestions for utilizing the information you get, and other tips:

  • Your pet is frequently, if not always connected to you the pet parent. Help keep them calm by remaining calm yourself, because their connection to you means that they pick up on your emotions. So have a good cry, because you will likely need it, but then pick yourself up again for their sake. Remember that you are the pet parent and your pet is counting on you.
  • The animal communicator provides remote help, but never tells you what to do. Take time to think strategically as you continue your search.
  • Pet parents, family, and friends are the “boots on the ground” in the search, and you alone are responsible for the choices that you make in the search efforts for your pet.
  • Use the clues from your session like solving a mystery novel. Take one clue at time, then find additional clues and look for linkage.
  • View the clues from your pet’s point of view
  • Don’t get disappointed or frustrated if the first location doesn’t work out. Move to a next site and continue to work the clues from your pet’s point of view.
  • Pets can move to a new location in a moment’s notice due to sudden sounds, weather, other animals, people, machinery, etc.
  • Keep in mind a pet away from home will likely behave differently than they do when home. They are in survival mode, and "sleeping with one eye open".
  • Some pets can find deep, unusual hiding places, under buildings, pipes, other animal’s nests and underground shelters/holes. This is especially true during weather events. If your pet has become frightened they will need extra time to come out from hiding when being called.
  • Never make any assumptions when dealing with lost pets or the reason why they may have left home or their condition when away from home.
  • Utilize all resources available to you. Posters, pet amber alerts, pet detectives, search dogs, safe traps, scent trails, technology like Bing and google maps, Facebook pages, social media, local clubs, condo associations, regular phone books and anything else you feel can help you locate your pet family member should be used along with your communication session.
  • Leave scent trails to guide your pet home, and freshen them after heavy rain storm. Scent trails can be used kitty litter, torn strips of clothing from family members, or even cloths pets have laid upon. Old T-shirts and tube socks with their smell or your smell on it works great - for value and scent purposes. Tie these to objects, like bushes, at their nose level. You can even use your own urine to lay a trail to follow (obviously pour it from a bottle).
  • Keep actively looking for them, and do not overlook anything, leave no stone unturned! Again, things change quickly for them out there. Do prioritize, and revisit whatever areas make sense to you.
  • If you established a game plan, like leaving water at a specific location for them, follow through.
  • Do not break your local laws, and if you need permission or cooperation to do something (walking on properties, posting flies), then follow the appropriate protocol. Keep safe and legal.
  • Take care of your own health so that you can stay strong for your pet. A parent always has to rise above their own fear to provide a sense of strength and safety for their children. It’s no different for a pet parent.
  • Follow-up sessions may be needed / helpful.
  • If you made promises to your pet for when they return home, follow through on those promises.
  • A follow-up session when your pet is back home is always recommended to help them adjust, resolve any other issues, and help your other pets reintegrate with them. Even the gentlest of pets can act out agressively after returning home, until they truly feel safe again. Being lost can be traumatic.

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Additional Services for Lost Pets

We also offer additional services that can be purchased to enhance your efforts:

  • Animal Reiki, which can help calm your pet, reduce stress and many other issues.

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Map Dowsing for Lost Pets

Note: We are not currently offering map dowsing or lost pet sessions. But this information might be helpful to you when searching for a lost pet communicator.

Map dowsing uses a pendulum over map combined with psychic energy to pick up trace energy of your pet. It is not a GPS, but it does give you an idea of where to search.

Map dowsing is done by using a crystal that dangles over a map, and asking yes/no questions whether an animal is located in various parts of the map. The crystal picks up the energy of the pet where may have spent time recently. If a pet is staying in one location, you may get a smaller area to cover. If they are on the move, you’ll have more locations/indications. Studies prove that animals can move quickly and can cover miles in a short period of time. We try to eliminate false positives.

The map dowsing may also coincide with some of the items your pet has described as to their location during the lost pet communication session, so you can put the clues together from the session and the map dowsing to narrow your search further.

The information can help you to prioritize where to look for your pet, post flyers, and ask people whether they’ve seen your pet, etc. However, it is still your responsibility to look for them wherever it makes sense to you. You know your neighborhood and area better than we can. Leave no stone unturned!

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