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Animal Communicator Helps Pet Loss Grief Support

Animal Communicator Helps Your Pets Through the Loss of a Beloved Pet or Human Companion

Animal communication allows them to express everything and understand what has happened to their best friend.

Animal communication helps during pet loss with support for the whole family including pets

At Animal Healings we're pet lovers just like you and have been our whole lives. The love for our pets has guided our destiny since childhood. When you love them as family members with your whole heart and soul, and they love you back, it's only natural to have a deep, profound sense of loss when they must leave you. That's when it's most important to get help with pet loss support.

Different Ways of Dealing with Loss

All of us find different ways in dealing with the pain losing a cherished cat, dog, bird, horse or any species of animal that has been close to our hearts. Some people put aside that pain to try and let the age old saying "time heals" to make it fade away in order for us to maintain our lives. Also, the world view is that animals are just animals, and there is an expectation that we should just "get over it". It's a very painful attitude to experience for anyone suffering the loss of a loved one. It can be difficult to find the support needed to go through the grieving process of a beloved animal companion.

Somehow we must go to work, get our regular shopping done and do our regular routines to hold our families together, etc. To some degree, that routine helps, much like putting a band aid on a wound. It serves as a distraction to help us parcel out the grief in anageable portions. However, since this is a serious wound to our hearts and souls, a mere band aid really can't heal everything. Especially if we are left with nagging questions in the backs of our mind.

Advice from a Wise Kitty

From a session earlier this year, a wise kitty has given his family advice that they have granted permission to share with everyone...

"Because my physical body is no longer there {with you} doesn't mean my love isn't still there. Love isn't a physical thing, so even though I'm gone our love can continue and still grow - if you wish"

- Smudge

Animal Communication helps process and understand difficult grieving issues

Animal communication helps during pet loss with support for the whole family including pets

There's rarely ever a question on whether we loved our precious companions enough, we devote every day to that quest. However, when it comes to end of life care many pet parents have that little sense of doubt in the back of their mind that can be painful, "Did we do the right thing in the end? Did we choose the right option at the right time to ease their pain?". This adds an extra burden to the deep sense of loss that exists just from their passing.

Do Pets Suffer Grief from the Loss of a Pet Mate?

Yes, of course they can. You should consider that surviving pets grieve when they lose pet family members, and we can help them with their loss. Pet family members may change their daily habits during times of loss, such as eating, sleeping, play, contact with humans and other pets, just like humans. They can detach, be come frustrated, stop eating or eat more, even become aggressive towards humans and other pet family members.

Do Pets / Animals Grieve the Loss of a Human or Pet Mate?

They sure do...just like us. If animals can love us and their companion animals, why wouldn't they grieve the loss?

Do you see signs of grieving in your pets? AnimalHealings.com can help them too!

Is Reincarantion Possible?

Sometimes, the communicator can find out before your pet leaves if they have plans on returning to you in the near or distant future - what many call reincarantion. Many of us humans (and at Animal Healings, we include ourselves as some of the most lucky pet parents on Earth) have wonderful stories of pets which have bonded with us for our whole lives, that return to our sides over and over again. They complete numerous missions of protecting, teaching, and loving us through all of our many stages of life's journeys.

Through an animal communicator, you may learn they have already returned and that they are the pet right beside you at this moment, just like you may have already suspected!

Watch our Youtube video on how Animal Communicator can Help Pet Loss Grief Support, End of Life Care and Lost Pets

Do you know how to recognize "The six stages of dealing with Grief?"

Dog Grieving

How is it possible to talk to pets on the other side?

Pets spirits cross over just as we do to rejoin with their higher conscious, and their energy carries forth to the other side. Most often their memories, experiences, and feelings are carried with them. There are many theories about the afterlife. Some based within science, some within religion. How you see the bigger picture all depends on your belief system-and that is not for us at Animal Healings to decide for you. We will always be respectful of and honor your belief system. However, we can tell you that, in our experience, your pets do transition to another side, often referred to as Heaven. Through animal communication, we are able to talk to them and relay the information they wish to tell you. We can find out many things for you, and also share with them the messages from you and your family.

Proper Good-byes for Everyone?

What if you didn't get to say a proper goodbye to your pet(s) before they left? Through animal communication, you now can have that peace of mind that all you wanted to say can now be said. Maybe you've have been wondering what they have to say too, like whether they will come back to you in another life and perhaps when, or other questions, we can ask for you. It gives them a chance to say things to you too, like letting you know how they are doing, perhaps giving you their advice, and sharing their feelings of love for you.

End of Life Care & Transitioning

We can help with pets who are about ready to cross over, but are still holding on too.

As it becomes time for your pet to transition from this lifetime and journey into a new their destination, we can help facilitate the process for both of you. Make no mistake, it's never easy for any of us, having gone through the process with our own pets so many times, we are completely sensitive to your needs.. We can ease the fears and anxieties, and help your pets find their way through a peaceful journey and what can become a beautiful process as they venture on to the next realm.

You can also speak with your beloved animal companion after they have crossed over to find out how they are doing and what plans they may have (or if their plans have changed).

The Return Journey - Reincarnation

Sometimes animals have missions / journeys they must accomplish and may not be able to return to us, but they may watch over us and protect us. However if they do plan to return, we of course can fully help with all aspects of the return journey (reincarnation). We can help with find out their timing, location, and usually even breed/color of choice.

Check out our Animal Communication FAQ's to find out how it really works, and make sure you read our testimonials from our customers who explain how it's helped them with pet loss grief support.

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