Golden Cord Meditation Helps Guide Your Lost Pet Home

Golden Cord tips you can use right now to help your lost pet return home...

  • The Golden Cord meditation is one of the most powerful tools for you to use
  • Helps calm your pet and remain safe and act rationally
  • Lets them know you are thinking of them and still searching
  • The beacon of light from your heart can help guide them home
  • The cord helps you feel connected to your pet and feel more calm too
  • Visit our lost pet testimonials to see how the Golden Cord has helped so many pet families
  • New Guided MP3 Golden Cord helps steps you through the whole process - calms the busy mind

The Golden Cord meditation is one of the most important and powerful tools that you (the pet parent) can use to urge your lost or missing pet to find their way home. Your souls are linked energetically by a metaphysical "Golden Cord." This has been known to work no matter where your pet may be located. As professional animal communicators, we have been told by numerous of our clients that the Golden Cord was instrumental in bringing their pet back home.

Purpose of the Golden Cord

Golden cord meditation helps pets find their way home

The purpose of the Golden Cord is to calm your animal down so that they can think about where they are and what they are doing. It can also help them to know you are looking for them nd can give them hope. If you as their pet parent, their soul connection are upset, scared, and constantly worried, most likely so are they.

If we can get you calmer, you can help them remain calm and less stressed too, no matter what they are facing and where they are. When your animal is calm, they can think and behave intelligently and make rational decisions about how to get home. Many times, the lost animal goes into "survival" mode (fight or flight). The animal is so concerned about food, water, people, cars, noise and other environmental factors that they won't take the time to stop and think about a way out of their predicament or situation to back track in the direction they have come from (home.)

To start your Golden Cord meditation :

Go to a comfortable, quiet, place in your house where you can relax without any noises or distractions. No phones, no kids, no traffic. If you must wear headphones and play relaxing music to achieve this, that is fine. Light candles, dim the lights, have photos of your pet and items that remind you of your pet, perhaps toys, bedding, anything that may have their fur still on it with you close by.

Take a couple of slow, very deep breaths to relax. Close your eyes and imagine this wonderful, bright beam of light, a magical Golden Cord connecting your heart and soul with your animal's heart and soul. When you feel you are completely calm and relaxed, take one very deep breath and hold it for ten seconds or as close to ten seconds as possible. As you release it let the words come out of what you want for your pet. You can encourage your animal to do whatever you feel is the best for them, but only send the best intent for your pet, nothing that is selfish for you or your family: It must always be for the good of your animal.

You can tell him that the Golden Cord is a beacon or thread for them to find their way home. Follow this beautiful Golden Cord safely home. If they are trapped somewhere, you can encourage them to break free. If they are running loose, you can encourage them to go to a trustworthy person who can take them to a shelter or vet.

If have had a map dowsing done, or you simply know where your pet is generally located, you can also give your animal directions on how to find his way home. You can whisper the words out loud if you want, but you do not have to say them out loud. As long as you are thinking and imagining that Golden Cord connecting your hearts together, you can say/think the thoughts mentally and your pet will hear them. You are connected on the higher plane, telepathically where ever they may be and they are open to hearing you telepathically, even if you cannot hear them.

How Often Should I do the Golden Cord?

You can do the Golden Cord as many times a day as wish, but even just once a day if that is all that you have time for helps them to know you are still there searching for them.

The most important thing is to remain calm, positive, pure in your heart, and don't place ANY OF YOUR FEARS and worries into the Golden Cord because they will pick up on that. Picture what their homecoming will be like, how it will feel like to shower your pet with kisses, hugs and love once they are back. Tell them they have done no wrong and they are not in trouble, you simply want them home to love them again. Just communicate whatever positive things feel right to you in your situation.

Guided Golden Cord Meditation

We have a Guided Golden Cord Meditation on MP3 to help calm you, relieve stress and help step you through the process of building your personal golden cord to your pet's heart all with Reiki infused original background music.Order now!

Customer Testimonials Concerning The Golden Cord:

"Thirty minutes later, she was home under her own power! We were so relieved, delighted and amazed at the incredible power of The Golden Cord" Read more from Andrea H. and Kass G. Winterville GA

I have never been religious or even spiritual, but the Golden Cord has given me faith in my connection to my animal, and I am forever thankful to Animal Healings for that. Read Adriana S. from New York City full testimonial

Our beautiful girl came home to us in the evening , my son and I sat together to listen to gold cord that morning . After 10 days I finally felt excited that we could see her again , that evening a lady called from 4 blocks away to say she was sitting on her doorstep. ( I had distributed pamphlets far and wide) our session with Thom the next day was talking to my burmese cat about her adventures around the neighbourhood . It's the best feeling in the world when they return home Megan Cooper

Pet found and home safe from winter storms! "Thank you again for the Golden Cord MP3 meditation. VERY VERY Helpful - truly a soul sanity saver! I can't begin to express how stressed and scared and filled with anxiety and guilt I have been and your meditation was the only saving grace in my world these past few days." Judy H, Maryland

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Now that he's home, both of my cats are getting along noticeably better. I've even caught Ernie cleaning his brother a few times, something I'd never thought I'd see before. Read More from Julian, Cary, North Carolina lost pet & behavior help testimonial

I am certain that without Thom's intervention, Bebe would never have returned or be found as she was too scared of strangers. I want to tell Bebe's story because I know it will help all of you going through what I just experienced! Read more from Catherine L, Hertfordshire, UK animal communicator lost pet testimonial

I would like to let the world know that Thom is a God-send to pet communities everywhere. I feel like he is an angel sent from above to help us with missing pets, to help maintain hope, and to aid us in finding out lost animals. Read more from Kathy W. Sebastian, FL animal communicator lost pet testimonial

10 minutes later a knock came on my door with the girl standing there with Freckles in her arms!! Read More from Kelly LM.- Venice, FL lost pet found in minutes testimonial

I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful. Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA lost pet home testimonial

...calmed my fears and gave me new insights into my cat... best of all, my cat came back exactly how and when Thom said he would Read more from Kathrine K., Jersey City, NJ animal communicator lost pet testimonial

Jonquil from Animal Healings has since reunited me with both cats...Jonquil is God's guardian angel of lost cats and God's gift to distressed pet owners.Buster showed up during my first session with Jonquil…About two weeks later, I went outside and there was Muffin on the steps at our back door. Read al of Bernadette S., Melbourne, Australia two lost pets returning home testimonial

Another Kitty Home Safe within 3 hours! Read More from Cheryl C. lost pet animal communication testimonial

...Thom's mapping along the way was dead-on. A few hours after getting the map I had a call... Read more from Nancy E. Chaptico, MD lost pet & map dowsing testimonial

They became essentially four totally different dogs Read more of Iris H. Englewood, FL animal communication behavior

After I stumbled across the Animal Healings site, I read about the Golden Cord, and decided to try it out that night...Not 5 minutes later, there was a knock on the door! Read more from Adriana S. New York, NY golden cord lost pet testimonial

Every time Thom works with one of my animals I learn something new, and it continues to deepen my relationships with them. Read More of Cindy K. Wayne, NJ animal communicator testimonial

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