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Learn how to attach photos in your email program

Learn how to attach photos in any email program you use - its easy!

IMPORTANT: We need a photos of your pet(s) for your animal communication and Animal Reiki session. If you have never had much success sending photos via email, here are some helpful instructions and links:

This tutorial can attempt to show you how to send a photo or file as an attachment in most e-mail programs that are out there. There are too many programs in use to describe each one separately, however after reading the paragraphs below if you still need additional help please check out the additional links below. This tutorial page will give you the basics that should get you going in a matter of minutes!

What is an Attachment?

An email file attachment allows the sender to send a photo or file or even multiple files to another friend with an email address. For instance, if you had a JPEG photo of Fluffy the cat that you needed to send to a friend, you would attach it to an e-mail, and your friend could view it, open it or save it to his/her computer.

Verify that your Program Allows Attachments

Almost all email programs allow you to send files. The most important thing to do is to verify that you can send attachments through your e-mail program. Juno Email (in most cases) does not allow e-mail file attachments.

Look for a Paper Clip

Email program Paperclip for attachmentsThe paper clip icon is usually used to symbolize attachments. Outlook Express uses the paper clip icon. I simply click on the paper clip icon and choose the file(s) that I want to send as an attachment. If you can't find a paper clip, look for "Attach" / "Attachment" or "Insert" in your menu options at the top of your screen. Go through each menu to find "Attach or Insert."

If you still are having problems, try using your Help function in the program.

Sample Email Program Paper Clips

Outlook Express: Screenshot showing Outlook Express Email Attach Paper Clip Icon

Yahoo Mail Attachment Paper Clip: Screenshot showing Yahoo Mail Attach Paper Clip Icon

Gmail Attachment Paper Clip (The Compose Window ): Screenshot showing Gmail Attachment paperclip icon

Not seeing the Paper Clip or anything called Attachment? Check out these...

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