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Cat Behavior Problems Solved by Cat Communicator Specialist

Solve Cat Behavior Issues using Cat Communicator / Global Behavior Specialist

You Don't Need to Take Your Cat Back to the Shelter or Give Them Away - Try a Session With Animal Healings - the Cat Communication Behavior Specialist!

  • Do your cats scratch furniture, carpet, almost everything in the house?
  • Do your cats urinate or pooh outside the litter box and you've tried every remedy you can find?
  • Do your cats fight, bite and stalk each other?
  • Does your cat seemingly act irrational at times?
  • Does your cats eat too much or the opposite - starve himself?
  • As a professional cat communicator WE CAN HELP!

How a Cat Communicator Can Help Your Family...

  • Cat communicator can solve your "bad cat behavior" issues by asking and finding out what your cat is experiencing during "bad cat" behaviors.
  • Your cat may not understand or even be aware their actions are perceived (by you) as wrong, harmful or negative
  • Cat communicator can explain various behavioral aspects in their perspective
  • Cat communicator helps with numerous behavioral problems like
    • Attention seeking behaviors
    • Excessive meowing & yelling / yowling
    • Biting & fighting
    • Feeding problems, begging for food
    • Scratching, destructive behaviors & clawing
    • Health related behaviors
    • Litter box problems - spraying / marking & urinating issues
    • OCD issues & any other feline behavioral problems
  • We use a client-centered, empathetic approach to learn your cats' needs, explain your neeeds, and then negotiate changes. No cat feels coerced , pressured or back into a corner– cats have their own voices heard (and love it).
  • Never make assumptions about what you see happening as your cat's actual problem, every cat is as unique as any human.
  • Cats communicate with each other on a telepathic level. There can be conversations going on, without your awareness, between all animals in your home creating behavior issues - learn how animal telepathy works.
  • We offer & allow cats to make better choices in cat behavior patterns.
  • It's better than just always having telling them "no."
  • We find alternative choices & methods for your cats that meet your whole family's needs to redirect their energy or tactics into a “job” they love, feel important and respected.
  • Help introducing new family cats and any other species of pets (dogs, birds or whatever) that make them get along much better - for life.
  • Help introducing new human family members (adults and or babies) .
  • Understanding family changes and household changes like moving, divorce, kids going away to college .
  • Help with grief, cats grieve in many different ways for humans and pet family members that pass away or leave.
  • Animal communication complements other behavior training you're already using or have tried.
  • Cat Behavior Mediation MP3 to help cat parents shift the energy in the whole household.

Solving Cat Behavior Problems By Asking Questions..

Animal communicator uses telepathy to help solve behavior issuesCat behavior problems can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with in the cat world. You love them so much from the first time you lay eyes on them. But then a pet behavior problem can suddenly develop from seemlingly nowhere.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to help, there's a million web sites, and a thousand different ways to deal with the same problem.

Why Not Ask the Cat?

Why not just ask your cat what is happening - through a cat communicator? Wouldn't it be great to just say "I love you Kitty...please tell me what's wrong...." instead of "No no no - oh , not again!"

We help you find the right solutions by asking what the cats are experiencing during the difficult behavior situation from their perspective. Understanding what they are going through, seeing their perspective our complex human world and how they react to the big human world around them is more than half battle in most instances. That's just part of the approach to helping pets with pet behavior issues through an animal communicator! It really can be that simple.

Cats are Smart, Creative, Thinking Beings

Animal Healings are professionally trained animal communicators. We have always known cats are smart, creative, individual thinking beings just like us. It's just one of the reasons we're able to reach out to them, on a one-to-one level and communicate with them about difficult issues like behavior problems.

Often other common pet behavioral programs put all cats into the same species behavioral "box" - all cats act like all cats, dogs are dogs, birds are birds. But animals are as unique as humans. Treating pet behaviors with one broad stroke may help for a short period but often stop working after a very short period of time because it's not addressing what the really started the issue.

Animal communicator uses telepathy to help solve behavior issuesWhen Jonquil Williams assists you with your cats behavior problems, she helps you see from your cat's unique perspective to better understand what is happening with them. Her lifetime of cat and other animal experiences, years of supporting clients, combined with compassion and love, helps your whole pet family deal with pet situations better.

As a professional animal communicator, Jonquil has helped many clients' cat families with feline behavior issues and disorders.

It all starts once she talks directly with the cats and learns the specific, personal cat's point of view or perspective.

Why Your Kitties Act Up

Once you know why your kitties are acting up doing behaviors like

  • Peeing outside of the litter box
  • Urine marking and poohing in the house
  • Clawing up the furniture
  • Excessive fur licking and fur pulling, self mutualization
  • Separation anxiety
  • Growling, hissing,
  • Excessive meowing, loud vocals, even screaming
  • Fearful of every little thing, loud noises
  • Hiding from everyone but one person
  • Being aggressive towards pets they once loved
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors (OCD)
  • Cat diets, food compulsions, fighting over food, or suddenly not eating at all

As professional animal communicators, we help you understand your pets better. Everyone relaxes as we work together to help you develop a new game plan - a practical, easy solution for all your pets. You'll see how much easier it can be to understand and spread the joy and love throughout the whole house. Then come the emails (testimonials) from happy cat families to Animal Healings!

Years of Experience

At Animal Healings, Jonquil Williams has had all types of cats in their family throughout her life. So she understands what cats and what you as pet parents are going through with cat behavior problems.

You love them with all your heart and you'll do anything you can to help them through these difficult cat behavior situations. Understanding the right solution at the right time is the key. Jonquil has even worked with lions, tigers and leopards in sanctuaries to help solve cat behavior problems with big cats.

From the Cat's Perspective

Your cat's view of our often complex human world can often be very different than what you ever imagined. The first lesson (and rule) is never make any assumptions that you know what is wrong or why a cat is acting up, you will most likely be shocked to find something very different has been going on and is wrong unless you can ask themselves.

Once you have heard what the world is like for your cat and how they see, feel, hear and sense things in their environment, you'll have a better understanding of what might be causing them to react to certain problems. You'll have a better understanding on how to solve cat behavior problems from a session with Animal Healings cat communicators.

All these commonly known bad cat behaviors can often be corrected in a gentle, understanding, needs and offer negotiation style approach. Our calm, healing energy and hearing the animal's perspective helps you both find and agree to solutions for the whole family. We use this negation style approach, which has been very successful with many of our clients. We're here to help both the pet parents and the pet family.

At Animal Healings, Jonquil and Thom have had cats in their families, for throughout their whole lives. So they understand what they are going through when you love them so much and you just want to help your family members through these difficult situations.

PTSD's in Pets

Through animal communication we can help uncover many aspects of a cat's history that happened before they arrived in your home. Sometimes this may include things that have led them into having post traumatic stress disorders or similar issues. At Animal Healings, with our professionally trained animal communication and our Animal Reiki Master practice, we offer many ways to help cats through PTSD and similar issues.

Keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to feline behavior problems can also prevent health issues from developing. Cats can become so stressed they may internalize behavior issues. This energy they bottle up inside can develop into serious heath conditions and illnesses.

At Animal Healings we also utilize distance Reiki energy healing for animals to help in these circumstances. It can release energy blocks. Start with our Animal Reiki FAQ to learn how we can help relieve pets of stress, Post-Op issues and many other physical and emotional issues, even illness can be helped with Animal Reiki.

Help for Even Feral / Outdoor Only Kitties

We can even help once feral cats who were born and have lived outdoors as kittiens, sometimes even into adutlhood. As animal communicators, we can help them adjust to a life indoors - something that may seem impossible to many cat lovers.

Many outdoor cat families have been adapted to the "good - easy life" indoors, but are still adjusting, sometimes years later. There are just things that need to be explained properly to them in a way they can understand. Especially when it's time for the first vet visit - usually a very nervous time for everyone involved. Pet parents especially, yet sometimes even the vets can be anxious. We can make this whole adventure so much easier for everyone involved. Check out this testimonial of a kitty's first trip for a very serious vet situation:

Before Something MUCH Bigger Happens

We have also seen in many cases where unaddressed cat behavior problems within multi-cat families can lead to runaway and lost cat cases. Sometimes animals feel they have to make a grand statement because they have become so unhappy or that some type of change needs to happen at home.

Pet Behavior MP3 Meditation

Pet Behavior Help MP3 Meditation - Hot on the success of our Lost Pet Meditation, we have now created an awesome meditation to help pet parents all over the world facing challenging situations with pet behavior problems. No matter what type of pet and what kind of pet behavior issues you may be facing, this meditation is designed just for you to help your pet family! Learn how to change, actually shift the energy in and around your pets experiencing pet behavior issues. The meditation is infused with our Reiki original music, a total of 30 minutes of pet family healing. Available here: The Pet Behavior Help Meditation MP3

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