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Article: Scientific Confirmations / Photographic Proof About Animal Communication!

3 Samples of Photographic Evidence our Animal Communication Sessions are Accurate (with a funny story!)

By: Thom Williams, Animal Healings, Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Master

In professional animal communication we use what is referred to as "external confirmations" to know we are connecting with the right animals and getting verifiable information. Usually these confirmations come from the pet parent or someone that has a relationship with the animal or works closely with them like a caretaker, a zoo attendant, etc.

During a couple of recent animal communication sessions, Thom Williams of Animal Healings, tell us he had an unusual, external scientific confirmations on two separate occasions.

While communicating with the first client, there was an issue that had arisen outside their home in which a stranger cat was urinating all over the car port, including an area where the pet parent had left food out for the outdoor cats she was taking care of.

This situation began to develop into pet behavior problem changes and displaced aggression for both her two indoor/outdoor cats. During thecommunication session I asked her cats about the situation.

What The Cats Said

Animal communication verified by photo

The first cat told me "It was done by a black and white 'good for nothing fat cat' and this guy has been invading their territory for a few weeks. He comes around eating all the food the neighborhood ladies leave out for us and he's trying to take over the territory." So, my client's cat 'kicked his butt' and this invasive cat was very mad at her cat. The client's second cat said, “Oh yeah, that is 'Fat Ass Jack', we all hate him, he comes around causing trouble and eating all the food.”

My client happened to have a wireless wildlife camera system and set it up that evening in the carport. By early morning I had a high priority email waiting for me. She was so excited to share the photos. There, in all his glory, was 'Fat Ass Jack,' a huge black and white tuxedo mix breed cat, wandering all over her car port, doing his business and trying to make claim to their property.

After a couple of weeks the story took another twist. My client happened to come across the pet parent of Mr. Jack, who lived just a couple of blocks away from her home, and learned that his name for this wandering troublemaker is- Jake!

A Similar Case, Three Weeks Later

In a very odd coincidence, just three weeks later, I had another client all the way across the country who had two cats that were experiencing very similar displaced aggression symptoms. While I removed all my filters before doing the animal communication session, I still obviously asked what the pet behavior problems were that were bothering each of the cats.

Both of these cats described a big brown lumpy creature who was very aggressive that they called "Old Smelly." There was also a big orange striped cat who was living in the neighborhood that had no home, but was pretty mean to them.

As with the previous client, this couple had purchased a wildlife camera set up. By the next day I had received an email saying "We cannot believe it, but we have photos of both the creatures you described, you were completely on target with both of them!" There was a big well fed ground hog coming into their porch every night and an old orange tabby following his trail just a short time later.

Animal communication verified by photo

First our client caught the "stinky" creature their cat described in the animal communication session.

Animal communication verified by photo

Then their Wildlife Camera caught the cat "tabby" cat described coming up to the same spot on the porch! All within 24 hours of our Displaced Aggression Animal Communication session!

More Animal Communication Photographic Proof!

I have had external confirmations by almost all of my clients, but these were some of the most amazing scientific / photographic evidence that my animal communications were right on target!

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