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Article: Pet Safety Tips For Halloween for Your Family

Animal Healings offers tips and advice to help protect your pets during the Halloween holiday season

By: Thom Williams, Animal Healings, Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Master

Safety Tips Around The Home For Pets at Halloween

Animal communication pet wellnes for the whole family

Halloween is a fun time for the whole family. Just remember pets can get spooked very easily during the Halloween holiday (and some people can get a little strange towards animals too.) So here's some helpful tips to get you started towards protecting your furry loved ones during what should be a fun holiday for you, your children and your whole pet family.

Start the Halloween holiday safe by keeping ALL pets indoors. This includes bringing outdoor pets inside on Halloween eve, day and night. Unfortunately some strange stories can happen to pets who are allowed outdoors during Halloween, especially those that can wander freely during the evening and night hours. We help families across the country with lost pets and see an immediate spike in lost pets at Halloween.

Pet gates are a great tool for helping to keep cats and dogs inside, but make sure they are properly installed and utilized. Watch this video on how pet gates don't always solve the problem and pets should still be monitored.

PLEASE NOTE: If your pets are very restless being indoors, crated or kenneled, we can help with a 15 min to 30 mins animal communication session to help explain what is happening and why.

When kids come to your door for tick or treats, keep pets in a bedroom with a closed door so they don't run out while you are admiring the costumes. Funny sounds from kids, sound effects from costumes and devices that kids carry can scare your pets unexpectedly! If your pets get scared when the doorbell rings, Bach Flower Formula "Rescue Remedy" can help reduce the stress and anxiety they go through and it very easy to apply.

Dangerous Foods for Pets At Halloween

dangerous foods for pets

Chocolate can be lethal to any pet in certain quantities and sugar free substitutes are even more dangerous (see our comprehensive list of dangerous foods and substances to pets ). During the holidays pets can choke on candy and food wrappers which might look like a shiny toy to them. Make sure your kids know to throw all wrappers away promptly and no human treats to the pets!

Be careful where small shiny decorations are hung that can attract pets attention, especially when the sun shines on them and creates extra sparkles. Caution should also be taken with any decorations that look like edible objects to pets that look like grass or plants they may eat in the wild.

Pet Costume Fun

Animal communication pet wellnes for the whole family

Pet Costumes can be a lot of fun for the whole family but please use extreme caution when using any clothing or decorative items on your pets. First make sure no items can easily pull off or detach and be swallowed by your pet. Never leave your pet unattended for even one second when they wear an outfit, they can chew fabric and swallow buttons when you aren't watching and suddenly you are on your way to the 24 hour emergency clinic instead of trick or treat parties.

Also, please consider your pet's emotional state and well being before making them wear clothing and costumes. Some pets obviously love the attention and don't mind having objects on and around them. Other pets do not. As Dr. Stephen Hawking has stated, Animal and Human Consciousness are the same, so pets can become embarrassed, anxious, and feel the whole range of emotions we feel. You can accidentally end up with a behavioral issues you never anticipated. We encourage a short animal communication session if you have any doubts.

A little extra caution will keep your pets safe, happy and at home this Halloween. We have an article about Christmas Holiday Pet Safety too!

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