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Article: Pet Behavior Problems Can Be Identified and Solved with Animal Communication

Pet Behavior Issues Like OCD Problems can be Solved by a Professional Animal Communicator Who Can Talk Directly with Your Pet in a Therapeutic Session

By: Thom Williams, Animal Healings, Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Master

We all adore the cute Pet behaviors (#PetBehaviors) our pets adopt as they perform for us, rolling on thier backs, standing on two legs begging for treats, chasing dots of light, barking at the fire engine sirens, tearing into the mail from the door mail drop. These aren't tricks that are taught more than pet behaviors which are performance based, the first time you laugh and find joyfulness and your pet responds and remembers. They love to bring you happiness and help you through laughter. Perhaps you have one of the many pets that licks your tears when you cry. It's all part of the special healing bond we share with our animals.

Some pet behaviors may not be so desirable or cute and can actually be harmful for the pets and truly annoying to the human companion. These include:

  • fur licking and pulling to the point of self mutilation which creates sores,
  • Over eating, vocalizing (barking/meowing/singing at inappropriate times,) obsessing over objects,
  • licking strange foreign objects like plastics,
  • destroying objects,
  • tail chasing,
  • chasing shadows,
  • circling and spinning,
  • fence running and
  • pacing.

These pet behavior problems are part of a larger range of repetitive emotional behaviors that can manifest into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) experiences. In speaking to breeders of cats, dogs and birds, some breeds of animals are pre-disposed to OCD-like behaviors. Certainly you know of high energy, hyper-like dogs, and some cat breeds that have very specific traits that can become over amplified into OCD behaviors. Any of these Pet OCD behavior problems can drive even the most loving human pet parent right up the wall. So you look for solutions in every possible avenue and thousands of web sites.

To Find a Solution, Identify the Cause

To determine a solution, you have to identify the cause, which is not always apparent. obsessive compulsive pet behavior problems can develop over time from many unrelated and sometimes even related issues. Stress, nervousness, fear, abuse, trauma, separation anxiety can all be factors. A further complication can be just sheer boredom, or lack of variety in their daily schedules. It can become very complicated for everyone involved who wants to heal the situation. The human pet parent, the pet care professionals, the groomers to health care providers and most of all the pets themselves.

So who else can you turn to for help with such complicated issues? A professional Animal Communicator can help find what issues are creating stress in your pet's life, whether real or imagined in your pet's mind, and then help them through the issues. The communicator can talk directly with your pet in a therapeutic session, one on one, to find answers that no one else has been able to discover.

An animal communicator can ask your pet what their thought process is at the time to find out what things and certain conditions for the pet are occurring. What it feels like for them when certain actions are happening around them and why they respond in the ways they do from their perspective are all things a professional animal communicator can perform a collaborative negotiating process between you and your pets in a three way interactive session.

Your pets don't feel threatened or belittled through the process of helping them to correct the OCD behaviors in any way. This is the one biggest keys as to why animal communicators can make progress in situations where other processes and systems have failed. It's a great deal about trust and team work, as any therapeutic process should be, and your pets deserve that same healthy nurturing environment.

The Only Way to Really Know What is Happening

There can be so many variables with an OCD situation, the only way to really know what is happening with your pet is to have real open, safe and honest conversation with them. Through your animal communicator you can both find ways to not only explain the human world, but also reduce the fears it may present.

The human world, full of complex machines and huge mechanized loud inventions can irritate very sensitive ears and can often present confusion to the animal world. All animals senses operate on octave ranges and sensitivity much higher than humans. Other sensitivities to our environment, like pollen or mold may be creating fur licking.

Sometimes it can be as simple as miscommunications or misunderstandings between other pets, people or things your pet has encountered in and around their household, or the environment in which they live. Helping them interrupt what they are experiencing can remove these fears, or at least make them feel a little more secure once they understand what they are perceiving. If you as their human companion are more aware of their fears, you can prepare for things like storms, routine garbage/delivery trucks or the intruding animal that wanders into your yard and violates your pet's space which scares them.

Parts of the OCD Puzzle

Another part of the OCD puzzle, boredom issues, can be very difficult, if not impossible to solve without animal communication. Diagnosing boredom as the cause of OCD is only part of the battle, asking what might solve their tedium also can only be done through a communication session.

New toys, walks, play time, meeting other furry friends at the dog park might not necessarily be the only solution for your pet. You must always remember that your pet is a complex, thinking, aware individual that should be allowed to negotiate their choices. If not given choice and they are told they are a "bad boy or girl" they feel backed up against a wall, real or imaginary, and will act out like any living being naturally does.

Many other factors like the pet's bedding or kennel area, or the overall environment can lead up to a change in pet behavior problems. An animal communicator can help you and your pet work on tracing back to the root causes and ease the overall concerns that may be causing the condition.

A Personal Example

In a very funny personal example, our family dog when I was a child, an injured rescue we all loved very much, developed an OCD pet behavior issue. The family dog would select my sister's cork sandals to completely destroy, but somehow she would only select only the right foot sandal. How she knew it was the right foot every time, no one could ever figure out. My sister replaced the sandals a dozen times and every time the dog would somehow find that right foot sandal, no matter how well sis would hide them. It was only a matter of time before that right sandal would be found and chewed to a pulp.

This particular dog had been seriously injured by a car accident when we had originally discovered her by the side of the road and brought her in to our household. As with any case such as this we had her examined by a vet regularly, which you obviously should do with your pet at the first sign of any change in behavior or physical condition. Our dog suffered from Epilepsy and other issues from the car accident, so there was a medical root to her OCD condition. However, as with a lot of cases there can be many other health and trauma related issues which can create and add to the OCD condition.

Even with health conditions present, as with the case of our family dog, reducing all the other extraneous causes like misconceptions and fears can help reduce some of the effects of OCD pet behavior issues in your pets. Every bit of loving support, care and understanding from everyone in their life helps. Ongoing animal communication sessions as with any therapy, are key to a happy, healthy pet and to knowing that they are having a good quality of life.

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