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Article: Communicating with Your Pets during Stressful Times (w/ animal communication)

"Animals are very sensitive to picking up on the emotional stress levels in the home."

By: Thom Williams, Animal Healings, Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Master

Animal communication pet wellnes for the whole family

Many of us are that lucky enough to open our hearts and homes to animals make wonderful new discoveries about them every day. It brings joy into our lives and it can change an otherwise bad day in a heartbeat. We know they count on us for their daily nutritional support, nurturing, play and enrichment, and we count on them for companionship. Many of us don’t seem to realize just how much our animals are attuned to our daily emotional threads, the good, the bad and the not so pretty sides.

During times of national and/or personal crisis, much like we are all experiencing with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill tragedy on different levels, or many who are going through income related situations, our animals are very sensitive to picking up on the emotional stress levels within our households. We often shelter our children from the emotional stress of the grown-up world, but we just don't seem realize our pets are still in the room picking up on every traumatic conversation and situation. How often do you say, oh my pet understands every word I say? Now think about that a little more closely in relation to negative subject matter and stressful conversations. You might not see Fluffy frowning right there on your lap, however, contemplation among your pets is probably happening.

Animals Pick Up On Stress

When there is stress within the house our animals pick up on those feelings and just like humans, every animal reacts in a different ways. Some animals are natural born healers and take on the responsibility of trying to remedy the situation by healing you. Many pets will respond with their playful acts of joy and comedy. When you respond immediately with your laughter and petting, they see the immediate feedback, the positive results and will then be ready to perform in a moment’s notice the next time you need them.

On the other spectrum, also much like humans, pets may respond by taking on the stress themselves by internalizing it and becoming aggressive, depressed, start overeating or the many other classic adverse symptoms. It's important to note that physical symptoms should always be promptly examined by a qualified veterinary care professional.

What can a Human Do?

So what can a human do for their loved animal companion? A professional animal communicator (some of which are also intuitive healers) can bridge the gap between you and your animals to find out how your animal is feeling during crucial times.

The vet and a communicator can work together. The animal communicator relays information and messages between the person and the animal companion. In this three-way conversation, the animal communicator acts as translator, facilitator, and sometimes even a negotiator. They can ask the questions you wish to ask in a therapeutic manner on just how they are feeling about the issues that may be surrounding you and your family.

A needs and offer counseling approach can be taken to dealing with situations. In this style of communication no one feels threatened, forced or put on the spot - even Spot.

We often find a varied emotional maturity within the animal world. Many animals, no matter what species, are often extremely evolved, mature and able to express their feelings very well. Some even have very sophisticated philosophical advice for us that can have you thinking about this world in a new light for days on end.

However, just as reflective of our human world, there can be animals that simply need extra comforting, care and kindness as they are still developing their emotional skills in this shared world of ours.

Learning What Your Pet Needs

Learning to understand your pet’s needs ahead of anticipated situations and changes in your shared living environment can help to ward off many situations that may become very complex behavioral issues down the road.

Having an animal communicator explain to your pet expectant change in your household are about to occur can make a huge difference. Moving to a new house, a vacation, divorce, new baby, the new pet, teens going off to college, serious illness or death, even people changing rooms can be confusing to sensitive pets.

A little knowledge can always go a long way for all of us, including our pets. Communicating it effectively through a trained professional who follows the code of ethics can make a world of difference in your loving pet family.

Thom Williams as an expert animal communicator and an IRC Certified Reiki healer, is one of the first men to offer animal intuitive healing services for domestic breeds & wild life, large or small animals of any species.

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