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Animal communication changed my relationshiop with IndieToday's Featured Animal CommunicationTestimonial - I've been working with dogs for more than 20 years, training, showing, grooming and breeding. Indie's barking is the first  problem I couldn't get to the bottom.  Having Thom speak with her has changed my relationship with her for the better" - - Read more about Indie's Behavior Session Kristina - San Francisco California

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Written from the heart, here is a small sampling from our customers that have written in to help you understand how animal communication and Reiki for animals has worked for them and benefited their pets. They explain how we have helped their whole family in very specific and individualized ways. We are so grateful for all of our customers and their wonderful pet families! You can add your testimonial here...

We are so grateful for all of our customers and their wonderful pet families! You can add your testimonial here...

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animal communicators help resolve ethical pet issues

Ethical issues

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"Sensitivity and respect"

I have worked with Thom several times over the past few months, getting assistance with my mix-breed rescue dog, Nikki. Although she is over 10 years old, she has lots of energy and can be very headstrong. I've tried working with another animal communicator, and she reported that Nikki would not communicate with her.
Thom has been able to successfully communicate with Nikki, and help me check in with her on medical issues, and work on behavior problems. He has also helped me understand her personality better. I particularly found to useful to participate in three-way communication, where Thom would communicate with Nikki, and with me, so we could move more quickly to problem resolution. There was one conversation where Nikki shared things with Thom that she did not want me to know. While I found this rather amusing, I also appreciated the sensitivity and respect that Thom showed by honoring her wishes.

I believe that one of the reasons Thom was able to work with Nikki is because he is male. I believe he is an important asset to the animal communicator community because some animals relate better to males than females, and I am not aware of any other male animal communicators.
Karen - Sarasota, Fl                   [Back to top]



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Animal Communicators resolve pet bahvior problems

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Animal Communication testiominials

He spoke with Zoe after he passed and gave me closure. He also told me things no one else could possibly know, but me and My Friend Zoe.... I highly recommend Thom's Services. It is hard and I take one day at a time, but at least I know Zoe is in a better place.
Read more of Angelique T. Crown Point, IN pet loss grief support testimonial 

animal healings testimonials

"Sensitivity and respect"
Read more from Karen, Sarasota, FL animal communication testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"Both Nikki and I were relieved"
Read More from Martha of San Francisco, CA animal communicator testimonial 

animal healings testimonials

"...we could see progress in Lily’s behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family."
S Phillips, State College, PA animal communication behavior testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"Eye opening experience..."
Read more from Mary L, Alaska new pet introduction communication testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"This cat, who was once miserable and untouchable, now seeks out touch and likes to be brushed. "
Read more of Christie S, Syracuse, IN feral cat animal communication testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"He's a real diplomat between people and their pets."
Read more from J.C. Pasadena, Maryland  multi-cat house animal communicator testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"Peaceful, strong, loving nature"
Read more from Brooke. of Carmel Valley, California animal communicator testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"They seemed to settle the ground I was standing on"
Read more of Tisha V, Gainesville, Florida pet loss grief support testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"I realize that this much more then we realize"
Read more from Karen K, Nokomis, Florida
pet loss grief support testimonial

animal healings testimonials

"Demonstration of pure compassion"
Read more from Jean of Chicago, Illinois pet reiki and communication testimonial

animal healings testimonials

What an Xray revealed, Brewster told us 30 days before!
Read more from Beverly of Ft. Meyers, FL intuitive medical scan testimonial

animal healings testimonials

I have a Sheltie rescue...spent the first two years of his life in a puppy mill.  Animal Healings did a long-distance session with Tyler that made a profound difference.
Read the rest of Jean , Chicago, IL testimonial about Tyler distance healing session

animal healings testimonials

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