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Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Services Heals Your Whole Pet Family

Hear what your pet needs to tell you for complete healing & happiness

Animal communication pet wellnes for the whole familyThom and Jonquil are both professional animal communicators, and through a two-way conversation with your pet, in a needs and offer negotiation process, they gently relay information and messages telepathically between the pet parent and your animal companion. During this interactive talk in which the pet communicator is your translator, facilitator, and negotiator with your pet, we all brainstorm solutions and ideas together. This includes your pets so they feel honored, respected and a valued partner in the conversation. When dealing with difficult subjects, such as behavior issues, health or family changes, it’s important that the pet never feels backed into a corner or pressured.

Learn more about the benefits of professional pet communicator can change the lives and relationships of you and your pet family, no matter what species of animals you may have.  Through animal communication we can also help locate lost pets and provide grief support, which includes giving you a chance to say all the things you never got to say or hear from the cherished ones that passed too soon.

Schedule an Animal Communicator Session Now to see what your pet wants to communicate!


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Animal Reiki Healing

Energy healing for any species

Animal communication pet wellnes for the whole familyReiki for animals offered by both Thom and Jonquil, is gentle and can be done hands on or from a distance. Reiki's principles and symbols are automatically intended to be positive, so it does not rely on anyone's belief system to work. Finding the cause of an illness is often done through Reiki scanning and animals are very receptive to the healing energy of Reiki.  Many animals/pets give Reiki to their owners on a daily basis. Using Reiki with pets can accelerate their own healing process, it eases pain, reduces stress and improves or helps to continue their quality of life. Animals love receiving the warm vibrations of Reiki energy and benefit greatly from it.

Utilizing their expert Reiki Master skills to present you and your pet family with the best options and benefits for healing naturally the Williams offer you over 24 years combined experience in Animal Reiki healing.


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Convenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your homeConvenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your home or anywhere you need.

Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today!



Hear your pets - heal your pets TM

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