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The Story of Ruby the Lost Cat and Thom the Animal Communicator

Thoms map dowsing along the way was dead-onToday's Featured Testimonial "Thom's mapping along the way was dead-on. A few hours after getting the map I had a call from someone in that area that had seen him a few days before. And from what I can gather from animal control the area he was picked-up confirmed he was working his way back to my house"
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A True Story from a Pet Parent About Animal Healings

  • This is a tough testimonial to write due to the outcome, but the love, patience and amount of time that Thom spent with me and our beloved cat Ruby was immeasurable. Though our family suffered a huge loss at someone else’s hands, we are forever grateful to Thom and his wife Jonquil, for the professional way they handled our situation. Our case became very personal and has touched the hearts forever of the many people that became involved in the search for Ruby.

    Thom came to me via an internet search. A friend suggested going to Penelope Smith's web page and from there, I found Thom Williams of Animals Healings. By the time I emailed Thom, our cat Ruby of 8+ years, had been missing for a week. Ruby was not one to stray far from her backyard and was known as the scaredi-cat. It was around Thanksgiving and my first reaction was she could have been trapped in someone's garage as they were leaving for the holiday. We searched the neighborhood, knocked on doors, posted signs, listened in garages and sheds, made calls to the vet’s offices, rescue groups, shelters, everything you would do, but there was no sign of Ruby. My gut told me she was trapped and when the person returned home from the holiday, she would run home and probably never leave the house again. At least that is what I hoped.

    I shared a few pictures with Thom of Ruby through email. I told him a little about Ruby and how she and my son were a tight duo. Thom gathered the limited information that I shared and later communicated with Ruby. To everyone's dismay, we learned that she had been purposely trapped by a very mean man and was tossed into a small dark location (like a cubby in a garage) with no food or water - to teach her a lesson. Thom continued to talk with Ruby several times daily to keep her strength and her will up and to keep her as comfortable and calm as possible. Thom did the same with my son and me. As her case continued over the next several weeks, the mean man had returned, but unfortunately, my gut feeling confrontation with him is what probably led to Ruby's final resting place, where we later found her, in the sewer system - tied up. (Thom had sensed that Ruby’s back legs had been very painful and that she could not move easily.)

    Through the weeks, Thom, Jonquil, and the other animal communicators and reiki specialists that Thom reached out to assist in Ruby's return, showed immense compassion and he took his abilities to a level that even I, a previous skeptic, was amazed by. He knew things about her, her behaviors, what Ruby loved most (laying by my sons smelly feet by the window on his bed), even down to her favorite dirt area in the yard where she would roll around in. Then there was the level of detail in his communications with Ruby of the area, the people, the buildings, the boat, the fence, the bushes, the noises, and the environmental conditions around her. Everything he said to lead us to her was so accurate, it was as if he were right there with her!

    What impressed me the most, was when Thom did have to make the call that he had for the last several hours, helped Ruby through her final moments on earth - letting her know it was okay to let go and that we love her. They agreed that she had a higher mission to attend to - which I have come to realize is she is now protecting our other animals from the "mean man." (They no longer will go to that side of the yard where our yards meet and they stay clear from any chance meetings with him.) Thom very passionately explained to me that he had helped Ruby to release the pain that she had been in for over three weeks and helped her cross over peacefully. Thom told me very personal details of what Ruby wanted me to know and that she was coming back to us - after she finished what she had to do – and that we needed to keep our eyes and hearts open.

    Thom knew of the tight bond between Ruby and my son - that Ruby was his baby and he was her kid - and put together a letter for my son of what Ruby wanted him to know. It was very comforting to my son although still very painful. Thom explained that Ruby wanted my son to have something that he could refer to to feel her presence when he needed her. That same day, out of the blue, I had stumbled across a leather bracelet that had her exact colors with two silver beads. I felt a very strong connection to it, I immediately call Thom, and without finishing my question, Thom said, "Yes! Ruby wants Derek to have the bracelet!" Thom then said that Ruby would try to warm or vibrate the bracelet to remind my son that Ruby is still with him. Amazingly, my son has said the bracelet does warm up at times and sometimes does tingle. (My son is 20. He knows what he is talking about.)

    Would I recommend Thom? I HAVE! Do I now believe that people can communicate in different ways other than speaking aloud? YES! I have worked with other communicators in the past, which had left me 50/50 skeptic, but now, after working with Thom, I realize that this world, along with our abilities to exist in it, are much more then we realize, accept or put to good use. I have personally found a stronger connection with our other animals and I seem to be able to understand them more through this process. I do continue to work with Thom with my other babies and I hope that no one - or another pet - has to go through the heart-wrenching ordeal that our family had to go through, but if it does happen, I feel Thom will guide you to resolution and will do everything possible in bringing your baby back to you.

    Karen K.
    Nokomis, Florida

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