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Reiki for Animals - Distance Healing Safe and Natural for Any Pet - Any Species

  • Animal Reiki reduces stress - relaxes nervous pets / animals
  • Helps emotional issues - creates a place of peace and safety
  • Great for trauma - PTSD - rescues - lost & missing pets
  • Distance Healing - In comfort of your home w/ no vistors intruding on pets
  • Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals, ferals
  • Natural and safe to use w/ any other treatments, Rx's, remedy's and protocols
  • Reiki for Animals used by many vets and professional offices
  • Reiki approved by VA for Veterans
  • Used in Hospices for humans and animals alike!


Reiki for Animals Creates Amazing Healing on all Levels for Pets & Animals of all Species From Anywhere in The World!

Animal reiki benefitsReiki and Animal Reiki is a energy healing technique developed thousands of years ago which is gentle, can be done hands on (in person) or from any distances with the same effect and outcome. It's been adapted into many different names across many cultures across the Earth these days, but they are all based on the basic concept of receiving the gift of healing energy. View more about the benefits and philosophy behind Reiki for Animals.

Reiki and Reiki for Animals has principles and symbols that automatically set the intent of the healing session as positive, and does not rely on any type of belief system by you or your pets / animals for it to work. Finding the cause of an illness is often done through Reiki scanning, also known as medical inutuitve scans.

At Animal Healings, Thom Williams and Jonquil Williams have devoted their entire Reiki careers to specializing in helping animals through Reiki energy healing, and both are certified Reiki Masters. Animals are usually very eager and receptive for an energy healing and most pets / animals understand the concept since they give healing energy themselves.

The Gift Of Healing From Animals

When you see injured or challenged children and adults going through therapy by swimming with dolphins, or riding on horseback with reports being able to accomplish amazing things the patients have never achieved before - that's Reiki! Many of those patients receiving the animal -to-human energy healing report feeling a vibrational effect that is very similar to what is felt during a human-to-human Reiki session. When your pet spends extra cuddling, kneading or padding on an area that hurts on your body (sometimes you may not have even known that area was hurting until they bring it to your attention) that's your pet giving you the gift of Reiki.

Return the Reiki Healing Back to Your Pets with Reiki for Animals

Through Animal Healings, you can give the gift of healing energy right back to your pets with Reiki for Animals distance healing. It works from any distance, for any pet, right in the comfort of your home without any visits or trouble! How does it work? Sit back and tour our site - we have tons of Reiki for Animals Info for you - starting below. Make sure you visit our customer testimonials for Reiki for Animals who explain in detail how our Reiki for Animals helped their pet families in very different and individual ways.

About Animal Healings' Reiki for Animals Services

Thom & Jonquil of Animal Healings have been Reiki for Animals healers for 20+ combined years and they specialize in healing pets and animals of all species with distance healing sessions for clients anywhere in the world.

Reiki for Animals is used to promote the pet's own healing and a sense of well being and healing. It can reduce stress and promotes relaxation (sometimes almost immediately) and help with all types of trust and security issues that are often present in sensitive, rescued and traumatized pets.


Reiki - Thousands of Years of Healing

Reiki & energy healing used for thousands of years in many cultures worldwide. It has been labeled and called many things, but they all essentially are utilizing forms of "Reiki." Reiki and Reiki for Animals utilize the "Universal life force energy" a system of natural healing. Because its a natural healing its safe and extremely effective. Humans and animals are all beings of comprised of energy, Energy gives us life, connects us to one and another - all universal energy principles.

Energy Blocks - The Invisible Pain

When any internal energy flow is blocked inside, whether our or our pets body, the natural internal healing system functions slow and they can sometimes breakdown and fail completely. An animal's energy field can include his/her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.


How Reiki for Animals Works Across Distances - No Matter Where!

When Animal Healings conduct an Reiki for Animals session as distance energy healing it helps animals remove these energetic blocks causing the physical symptoms. Distance energy healing speeds up the pets/animals body's own innate ability to heal itself. Energy healing supports animals in their healing on many levels and in different circumstances

Through our Intuitive Reiki Scanning, where we can scan your pet nose to tail to help diagnose difficult problems, symptoms and issues.

The philosophy behind energy healing is that all illness starts in the energetic field in the form of a block or disruption in energy flow - if left unattended it manifests onto the physical body over time.


Energy Healing (Distance Energy Healing) Works in 2 Ways:

It may possibly help the animal to energetically clear an illness or emotional upset at a very early stage when it is still in the form of an energetic block and has not manifested its way into their body.


If a disease is already deeply set in the body, energy work can help to possibly lighten the symptoms surrounding the illness, such as helping with pain management and/or helping the animal to feel more balanced and comfortable during their illness.

Schedule Your AnimalCommunication Session

Convenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your homeConvenient Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your home or anywhere you need.

Schedule your pet's Reiki healing session with us now!



Hear your pets - heal your pets TM

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