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A Collection of Helpful Prayers for Your Pet Family During Trying Times

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At Animal Healings, we offer professional animal communication and Animal Reiki (Master level) to help pet families around the world with all types of pet situations like:

Through our Animal Reiki energy healing, we can help reduce stress, anxiety and induce relaxation, plus so much more. Animal Reiki can help bring comfort, relief and healing on a "cause-level" to support an animal's natural self-healing abilities. Animals really respond to Reiki on numerous levels (physical, mental, emotional, etc.). Learn more about our services and make sure to view a few of our very touching client testimonials, which many explain our process and how we have helped pet families all over the world.

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We do distance sessions so that your pets stay relaxed and safe for Animal Reiki energy healing & animal communication!

Index of Pet Prayers:

Our vet hands-on exam says Freddie's bladder tumor has shrunk at least 30% Read more from JL, Chicago, IL animal Reiki & animal communication testimonial  


A Collection of Prayers for Pets in Difficult Situations

A Prayer for My Lost Cat

St. Francis and St. Anthony, please come promptly to the aid of this
precious cat, and those who love her so, and enable her to find her
way back home, having suffered no ill effects from her separation
from her family.
Thank you sweet Jesus for your mercy on this family and their dearly
loved cat, and for restoring her to them.
It is in your name we pray,

Learn about Animal Healings Lost Pet Services
12-year old Sassy lost nearly half her weight, vets tried regular protocol w/ little improvement. I called Thom and Jonquil for communication and double Reiki. Sassy regained 1.5 lbs in about a week!
Read how Animal Communication and Animal Reiki helped Sassy Phyllis E., Atlanta, GA

St. Francis - Pray for Our Pets

A Franciscan Blessing for Our Animal Friends
Prayer for My Pet
In Your infinite wisdom, Lord God,
when You created the Universe
You blessed us with all living creatures.
We especially thank You for giving us our pets
who are our friends and who bring us so much joy in life.
Their presence very often helps us get through trying times.
Kindly bless my pet.
May my pet continue giving me joy and remind me of Your power.

May we realize that as our pets
trust us to take care of them, so we should trust You to take care of us,
and in taking care of them we share in Your love for all Your creatures.
Enlighten our minds to preserve all endangered species
so that we may continue to appreciate all Your creatures.

Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Learn about Animal Healings Lost Pet Services
"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life."
Read Animal Reiki Testimonial Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL

Prayer to St. Anthony for a Lost Pet

St. Anthony Helps find lost pets.
Dear St. Anthony,
you are the patron of the poor and
the helper of all who seek lost articles.
Help me to find the beloved pet I have lost
so that I will be able to make better use of the time that I will gain for God's greater honor and glory. Grant your gracious aid to all people
who seek what they have lost---
especially those who seek to regain God's grace.

Discover how Animal Healings Helps Find Lost Pets
"We were astounded - and I know it was with the help of the Golden Cord and Thom's communication with him. " Read More of pet behavior problem solved lost pet & golden cord testimonial Kathy W. Sebastian, FL

St. Felix of Nola, Patron Saint of Lost Animals, Prayer for a Lost Pet

St. Francis and St. Anthony,
please come promptly to the aid of this
precious pet,
and those who love him/her so,
and enable him/her to find his/her
way back home,
having suffered no ill effects
from her separation
from her family.
Thank you sweet Jesus
for your mercy on this family
and their dearly
loved pet,
and for restoring him/her to them.
It is in your name we pray,

Learn about Animal Healings Animal Reiki Services to help reduce stress
"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful." Read more of pet behavior problem solved & lost pet home testimonial Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA

Prayers for Animals and their Families

Hear our humble prayer,
O God,
for our friends, the animals, especially for animals who are suffering:
for animals that are over-worked,
under-fed and cruelly treated;
for all wistful creatures in captivity
that beat their wings against bars;
for any that are hunted or lost or deserted
or frightened or hungry;
for all that must be put to death.



A Pet Blessing

Dearest God, Heavenly Father
maker of all living creatures,
we ask you to bless (name of pet),
who brings so much joy into our lives.
By the power of Your love,
enable him (her) to live according to your plan.
May we always praise You for all Your beauty in creation.
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
Blessed are You, God, in all Your creatures!
Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation.

Learn how Animal Reiki benefits for any type of pet - any where in the world
It was the first time the steroid really wasn’t enough. Without Thom’s amazing Reiki healing, I was afraid she wasn’t going to get better this time. I have an incredible resource in Thom to turn to anytime Lilly’s asthma gets worse. Read more of Animal Reiki Testimonial Julie R, San Antonio, TX

Albert Schweitzer's Offering

We entreat for them all
your mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with them
we ask a heart of compassion
and gentle hands and kindly words.
Make us, ourselves,
to be true friends to animals
and so to share the blessings of the Merciful.

Albert Schweitzer (1875- 1965)
Theologian and Humanitarian

Learn how animal communication can help pet's health issues
"I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!"
Read more of Animal Communication Pet Behavior Problem cat litter training testimonial Alina J. Minneapolis, MN

Prayer for Healing: Intercession of Bl. Francis X. Seelos C.S.s.R.

Divine Physician, You infused Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos with the gift of Your healing. By the help of his prayers, sustain in me the grace to know Your will and the strength to overcome my [pet's] afflictions. For love of You, make [him/her] whole. May I learn from the example of Father Seelos and gain comfort from his patient endurance. Amen. Prayer Source *I have taken the liberty of changing the prayer to suit our prayers for our sick pets.
Novena for a Healing of a Sick Pet
Prayer for Our Animal Friends
Prayer for a Sick Pet
Heavenly Father,
Please help us in our time of need,
You have made us stewards of (name of pet).
If it is Your will, please restore him (her)
to health and strength.
I pray too for other animals in need.
May they be treated with the care and respect
deserving of all Your creation.
Blessed are You Lord God,
and holy is Your name for ever and ever.


Discover how animal Reiki can help reduce stress & induce relaxation for any pet in any circumstance
What an X-ray revealed, Brewster told us 30 days before!
Read more intuitive medical scan testimonial Beverly of Ft. Meyers, FL

Prayer for a Pet in Transition or About to Die

"Loving God, our beloved pet and companion, (Pet's name)
is on his/her final journey. We will miss (Pet's name) dearly.
We thank you for the gift that he/she has been to us.
Give us hope that, in your great kindness,
you may restore (Pet's name) in your heavenly Kingdom
according to your wisdom,
which goes beyond our human understanding."

Author Unknown

Animal Healings provides pets' end of life care guidance
What an X-ray revealed, Brewster told us 30 days before!
Read more intuitive medical scan testimonial Beverly of Ft. Meyers, FL



Prayer in Memory of a Pet

Almighty God,
I was fortunate to receive the gift of (pet name) from You
Now that he (she) has left this life,
please help me cope with my loss with strength and courage.
I know that my beloved companion no longer suffers,
and will live on in many fond memories.
May they be treated with the care and respect
As he (she) has enriched my life,
I pray that I may enrich the lives of others. Amen.
Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation.


Learn more about pet loss grief support
Thom spoke with Zoe after he passed and gave me closure. He also told me things no one else could possibly know, but me and My Friend Zoe. Read more of pet loss grief support testimonial Angelique T. Crown Point, IN

The Bridge (Pet Loss Comfort)

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called "The Rainbow Bridge" because of its
many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge,
there is a land of meadows, hills and
valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm Spring
Those old and frail animals are young again.
Those who have been maimed are made whole again.
They play all day with each other.
But there is only one thing missing.
They are not with their special person who
loved them on earth.
So, each day, they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up.
The nose twitches, the ears are up, the eyes are staring, and this one runs from the group.
You have been seen.
When you and your special friend meet,
you take him or her in your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again.
You look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet. Then, you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

Unknown Author


Need help with pet loss grief support?
"I cannot thank Thom enough. He helped me understand what was happening to Sanna. She was very sick and was readying herself...." Read all of end of life / pet loss grief support animal communication testimonial Alane L, Streamwood, IL


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" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. " Read More from pet behavior problems solved animal communication testimonial Cindy K, Wayne, NJ


"He's a real diplomat between people and their pets."
Read more of multi-cat home behavior animal communicator testimonial J.C. Pasadena, Maryland  

"Peaceful, strong, loving nature"
Read more pet behavior animal communicator testimonial Brooke. of Carmel Valley, California


"This cat, who was once miserable and untouchable, now seeks out touch and likes to be brushed. "
Read more of feral cat behavior animal communication testimonial Christie S, Syracuse, IN


"...we could see progress in Lily’s behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family." Read more of Pet behavior animal communication testimonial S Phillips, State College, PA


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