Within an hour of her session, Lilly sat up in her little bed, we are so grateful to you and believe you saved her life.
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Ask Nikki -Your Chance to talk to a Master Cat Communicator via an Animal Communicator

Socialize with us! nik

Get the wisdom a real cat

Ask Nikki...Through a professional animal communicator, master feline Nikki, wise beyond her years, all caring and loving, will take random questions from her fans and general audience about love, life and just about anything you wish to gain the cat's perspective on our human world. Please understand, not everyone's question will be answered, however Nikki and her professional animal communicator will be as generous as possible. Please note: This is done with Nikki and her pet parent's permission following the Interspecies ethical guidelines.

Nikki's Question and Answer Sessions

Question: How can humans have a better relationship with their cats and or other pets?
Answer: Whatever amount of time you spend with your cat (or pet) today, spend an extra five minutes hugging them, kissing them or however you show them you love them - or whatever they will tolerate tomorrow.

Question: What's the funniest thing you can remember ever seeing or hearing?
Answer: Our roommate cat "Shadow" use to strut around our house like he was big stuff, and like he knew everything there was to know - therefore -he thought he was king. in reality he was the biggest klutz ever and would fall off the window sill all the time. He would practically trip over his own feet walking down the hallway. All of us would laugh so hard because he was so funny and he'd get so mad at himself for losing his posture.. I miss him for those laughs.

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