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Pet Safety Tips Fourth of July Holiday

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Fourth of July Holiday Pet Safety Tips for Home or Travel

Pets and fireworksHere's a few helpful tips to keep your pets safe and happy through the unique Forth of July holiday. They really apply to all summer travel, picnics and gatherings where your pets might be involved.

Bring Pets Indoors Early

Start keeping your pets indoors a few days ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. Fireworks can make even the sturdiest pet panic. A panicked pet is completely unpredictable. They can run into traffic, or just run and run until exhausted, not realizing where they are and able to find their way back home. Panicked pets can also become unpredicatable, violent and reactive without being aware of what they are doing, especially if they have suffered from a PTSD related trauma sometime in their life.

Protect Pets from Insects Bites with the Right Products

Never use human formula insect repellents on your pets, but do be aware that mosquito bites can transmit many different harmful diseases to pets just like humans, pets do need protection too. Citronella insect control products are harmful to pets. See our list of toxins dangerous to pets.

Hydrate but not Drunk

Carry plenty of fresh water just for your pets so pets don’t become dehydrated.

Summer holidays can mean adult drinks with Alcohol. Never allow your pet access to these beverages as they are considered a poison to your pet’s system. Some less informed (or intoxicated) people in your party might think it’s funny to see a drunken dog …until it becomes a lifeless dog. Just say NO is most important for your pets.

Is Travel the Best Choice?

Summer heat can takes its toll on any pet faster than you can realize and react. Just traveling in a hot car even with the windows open can affect a healthy pet in a matter of minutes when it increases their body temperature. Learn to watch for signs of heat exposure. While it’s always fun to have the whole family at the party, if it’s a long trip in a hot car, or you aren’t absolutely you’re your pet will have a safe place to cool down where they can always be carefully monitored, just hire a pet sitter and let them enjoy their vacation at home.

If you feel they may not do well at home, try hiring an animal communicator to explain about your trip before you leave. Just knowing your travel plans and when you will return can help with separation anxiety in many pets.

No matter what your holiday plans may involve, have collars and tags updated, get your pets’ microchipped and make sure your microchip information is updated by visiting the chip company online.

The 4th Has Different Dangers

Summer holidays are so different from other holidays. There are new dangers you may not have considered for your pet. Food is always enticing. For the Fourth, dogs and cats may be searching for where the smell of the delicious meat is cooking. Keep them far from the barbecue. They can jump up on the grill and get burned or even tip it over on themselves in search of a tasty treat.

Summer toys can be dangerous too, so just like you keep a close eye on your kids, make sure your watchful of the pets around summer toys and holiday decorations.

No Boom Booms around Bosco

You might think your pet is the bravest and sturdiest in the world, but one firecracker, even a sparkler can set off a reaction that you just didn’t realize. Don’t leave a chance for an unpredictable reaction that could hurt your pets or family. Just don’t use fireworks around your pets – EVER!

Check on pets frequently indoors or outdoors when fireworks are being used to make sure they aren’t having a bad reaction. Use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Formula to calm a nervous pet. A few drops on your finger tips and rub it on the inside of their ear flaps will help them get calm a great deal. An animal communication session in advance to explain what the “boom booms” are all about and how long they will last can be a tremendous help too. We can also explain any travel plans

They Can Beg All They Want - Just Say No No

Never give your pet table scrapes from the picnic table or other human food. Visit our compressive list of dangerous foods, toxins and plants I best you’ll be amazed at the items on the list you didn’t know about.

What Did Smokey The Bear Say?

When getting ready for your camp fires, make sure no lighter fluid, matches or other harmful substances are close to your pets. Also make sure your pet can’t get anywhere near sparks or flames. Fur can ignite faster than anything on earth!

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day Holiday!

Anytime you travel for the holidays we can help with an animal communication session for your pets

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