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Animal communication has helped Zeek not jump on anyoneWe have had problems with Zeek jumping on us and visitors whenever we would walk through the front door. I asked Thom to work with Zeek on this issue. Now, Zeek has not jumped on anyone! I still can't believe it
- Teresa - Ft. Myers, Florida (Read More about Teresa's Experience with Animal Communication )

How do animal communication sessions work & what is animal telepathy?

  • Animal communication helps find reasons behind behavior issues and helps you understand / negotiate better choices for (and with) your pets
  • Deepen the love & affection you have for your pet and each other
  • Keep pets comfortable through health & illness issues
  • Pet loss grief support for you and your pet family

Animal Communicator Thom helps any species of petWhen you see two animals meet eye to eye, pause for a moment, there always seems to be a much deeper conversation going on between them. More information on Telepathic Communication has now been moved to its own papge on our site at Telepathic Communication.

How do our animal communication consultations work?

Consultations are completed in three steps. (Note: If a Combination Reiki for pets session has been selected please also see the process for Reiki sessions.)

Step 1

You set the appointment (schedule & payment info here), then you'll provide information about your animal companion, any issues, behavioral problems, and any questions you wish to ask. You animal companion is always offered the chance to relay information to you as well.

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Step 2(a)

The professional animal communication session with Thom or Jonquil, you and your animal companion occurs over the phone or through email, no visits to your home or our office are necessary so your pets are as comfortable as possible and are at ease during the session and not distracted by having a new guest in their home.

You'll get live replies to your inquires through us as we talk with your pets telepathically. We're always asked if the pets have to be on the phone, no, they can be doing whatever they wish, usually resting comfortably once we connect with them. Your behavioral issues or requested changes, questions and comments are asked with a need's and offers negotiation approach to find solutions so that no one feels threatened or backed against a wall or forced to do things unnatural to them.

Step 2(b)

During interactive phone sessions you can ask your questions through Thom/Jonquil, wait for an answer from your pet, and then respond again.

Step 3

If an email session was requested, you will receive an email reply with detailed responses from your pet.


Infographic Animal Communicator Session Process:

Animal Communicator Thom helps any species of pet










Telepathic Two-way Conversations with all of Your Pets

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Animal Communication testiominials

I’m relieved to have found Thom and his Animal Healing abilities for all my pets.
Read more Julie R, San Antonio, TX


" Ultimately, I saw Cluny [rescued feral] walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. "
Read More from Cindy K - Wayne, NJ


"I would like to let the world know that Thom is a God-send to pet communities everywhere. I feel like he is an angel sent from above to help us with missing pets, to help maintain hope, and to aid us in finding out lost animals. "
Read More from Kathy W. - Sebastian, FL


"I am very pleased to have my potty trained Luna back!"
Read more from Alina J. Minneapolis, MN 


"We are ever so grateful to you for your healing touch and believe you saved her life."
Read more from Lisa & Jim P, Orlando, FL


" 10 minutes later a knock came on my door with the girl standing there with Freckles in her arms!!"
Read More from Kelly LM.- Venice, FL


"I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful."
Read more of Justine & Smokey Moreno Valley, CA


"...Thom's mapping along the way was dead-on.  A few hours after getting the map I had a call..."
Read more from Nancy E - Chaptico, MD   


"Thom is quite simply AMAZING! I believe he is a God sent Middleman to assist Animal Owners to communicate with their lost/ill/badly behaved Pets, resulting in many, otherwise impossible happy endings .."
Read More From Catherine l, Hertfordshire, UK


"Eye opening experience"
Read More from Mary L, Alaska


" Every time Thom works with one of my animals I learn something new, and it continues to deepen my relationships with them "
Read More of Cindy K - Wayne, NJ


"...calmed my fears and gave me new insights into my cat... best of all, my cat came back exactly how and when Thom said he would"
Read More from Kathrine K., Jersey City, NJ


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