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Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki Healers Bring Better Wellness to Your Pet Family!

  • Professional Animal Communication to help solve just about any pet situations
  • Animal Reiki Master Healers help provide healing from any distance

Animal Communicator & Animal Reiki healers, Thom Williams & Jonquil Williams bring compassionate, insightful care for you and your pet family for a comprehensive healing and deeper relationship with all the animals in your life. Find out what your pets think, feel, and need; they love to be heard! The Williams hear your pets' needs and find solutions.

Using distance energy healing known as Reiki and animal communication. They can resolve dog behavior problems and fix cat behavior issues while they heal your pets naturally. You can usually continue using any other treatments and training programs already in place in combination, if you wish.

Using professional animal communicator skills, map dowsing and special missing pet skills they have refined through thousands of cases through the years, they help find lost pets. Thom and Jonquil also assist with end-of-life issues, pet loss grief support and after life communication , helping you and your whole family find that place of peace and comfort during those most difficult times of pet loss.

See the many other ways Animal Healings animal communicator services can benefit your dogs, cats, birds, horses and all the other large and small breed animals you may have at home, on the farm or at your zoo or sanctuary.

Animals match humans in their ability to think and feel, and have their own wisdom based on their unique perspectives. We work closely with you and your animals, deepening your understanding at a soul level, bringing you closer than you ever imagined for a love that lives beyond our earthly bodies.

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How Does an Animal Communicator Work with Your Pets?

It's the first question we are often asked - "how do you do it?"

Animals talk to each other all the time through animal telepathy. You can see it when two new animals meet face to face. They stare each other down, they may become instant friends, or perhaps a disagreement ensues. There's a definite conversation happening with no sounds emulating from either pet's mouth. This is telepathic communication - mind to mind conversations, and it's how animals talk every day.

As professionally trained animal communicators we use this same telepathic communication process to connect to your animals to help them in all aspects of their life with you. Sometimes we are referred to as a pet psychic or animal psychic. The difference is an animal communicator holds a two-way conversation with your pet. Find out more about that difference in our article section.

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Energy Healing From Any Distance with Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki heals from any distanceAnimal Healings distance energy healing for your pets through Animal Reiki with can help stressed, nervous and injured animals anywhere in the world for any type of pet or animal, no matter what hey have been through. Animal Reiki heals all types of illnesses, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients heal faster, eases emotional issues, and can help dietary and eating issues. Best of all, Animal Reiki is self-guided and heals so much more. Animals are very accepting as they find Animal Reiki very accessible to themselves as a self-healing tool. Our Medical intuitive scanning utilizes Reiki and can help find undiagnosed or difficult to understand and hard to solve internal & external pet health issues. We can work with your vet to help solve issues.

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See What Real People Are Saying About Us...

Animal communicator testimonialsOur customers all over the world explain how animal communication and Animal Reiki has worked so well for their pet families. Read about the significant results they've witnessed in their pets! From pet behavior problems with numerous multi-cat households, rescued dogs and cats that needed a little extra help settling in to their new forever homes, or lost pets in difficult circumstances getting reunited with their loving families, our customer testimonials will touch your heart!

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You can set up your animal communicator or animal Reiki sessions right now with our easy online scheduling tool, it only takes a minute!

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Learn more about how an animal communicator can connect with your pets telepathically and talk with them about the topics on your family's mind...

  • LOVE - Tell your pets just how loved and important they are to you and what a special role they play in your family. If your family is going through changes, an animal communicator can help explain situation that makes sense to your pets, and so much more for your whole family.

  • BEHAVIOR - Animal communicators help work through very difficult pet behavior issues, urine problems, stop pets fighting, stop biting and attacks, and mend difficult relationships with other cat and dog family members. We make new family pet introductions go easier. Animal Healings can help with OCD behaviors and displaced aggression issues (unexplainable biting and scratching attacks.)
  • PET HEALTH - help with pets going through all types and stages of pet cancer, CRF (Liver & Kidney issues), diabetes and animals going through other serious health issues. As Animal Communicators we help work with your veterinarian, in many different ways, also helping your pets have a calmer vet visits too (see this customer testimonial.)

  • LOST PETS - We use a variety of modern and old world techniques and tools to help you find your cat, dog or any other pets / animals. We have a wealth of information and resources for you to get started right now!

  • SENIOR PET CARE - As pets age, a pet communicator can discover the extra comfort your pets may like through Senior Pet Health Care and/or help through any serious Illness. We find out what their wishes for care may be, and what individual treatments are working best. Treats, beds, walks, ramps, and other helpful devices can all be discussed in our interactive talks.

  • PET LOSS GRIEF SUPPORT- When one of your treasured family members are ready to move on, we help with pet loss grief support. The transition and the grieving process for you and your whole pet family can be one of our most healing processes for everyone.


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Convenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your homeConvenient Animal Communication and Animal Reiki sessions from our office to the comfort of your home or anywhere you need.

Be the next pet parent to schedule an animal communication and animal Reiki healing session with us to help your pet family today!

What if you don't really understand how an animal communicator or Animal Reiki healer can really help your pet or animal? Please, for the sake of your animal, take just a few moments to read our customer reviews and see how we've helped so many pet families just like yours, all over the USA and the World! Your pets stay in the comfort of their home while we work from our office, it's that easy :)
Start with our FAQ to learn more.

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